Engagement Rings!

It’s engagement season! … You know what that means… engagement rings!

There are so many choices.  If you think the time is approaching for your boyfriend to pop the question, and you think he may propose with the ring “in hand”, now’s the time to provide some gentle info on engagement rings.

We all know the four “C’s” – color, cut, clarity, carat.  Each one is important.  It’s not just the size of the diamond that matters. Below are some handy, helpful charts that provide vital info better than I can possibly explain.  Hopefully, it’s a lifetime decision, so hopefully you and your beloved are well informed.








Found on aisleperfect.com  – pininterest.com

Perhaps the first thing you should decide is the shape.  I caution you not not choose the most trendy shape, but what compliments your hand AND your life style.  And what cut diamond did my boyfriend,  now husband present me with when he proposed?…an emerald cut.  Then…for our 20th anniversary…a very special new diamond.  I’ll tell you all about it in the next post when I highlight some lovely phots of the latest engagement rings.




springfieldjewelers.com – pininterest.com

And don’t forget your have to chose a metal for the band as well as a diamond.  This becomes complicated as you much consider price, durability, and how it looks with your skin tone.  More next time…









Engagement Rings!



You’re engaged!  One of the most exciting things about your new status is the engagement ring.  So many options.  But the point today is not that of engagement rings…but the place to store them.  When my girls got engaged, I gave each a ring holder.  Because to quote myself… “That ring belongs on your finger or on your ring holder.” Why are rings lost? They are often lost to just carelessness.  One thinks, “I’ll just slip my ring off and jump in the shower.  I’ll put my ring here on the counter…”  and then… you forget….


Why not gift yourself with a cute little ring holder?  There are lots and lots of choices.  The top picture is my FAVORITE!  So very cute, but practical for everyday ring storage??  Not so much… Love the green tray with the initials.  This one has room for a couple of rings.


What about a ring holder in the shape of your favorite pet?  KK was the recipient of a dachshund ring holder – in honor of our little dog, Buddy.
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Think your fiancé may have trouble remembering either your engagement date or wedding?  How about this ring holder with an embossed date?


Ha!  This ring holder is too cute.  It looks like maybe something a child made in art class.  And bonus…it would hold at LEAST five rings!


And there’s nothing wrong with a classic ring holder like this Waterford piece.  It never goes out of style, and will look good with any decor.  Next time…all about jewelry insurance…in case the ring holder doesn’t work….

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