DIY Floral Photo Booth Frames! 

DIY Floral Photo Booth Frames! With the high cost of weddings these days, we’re ALL looking for ways to save money.  I ran across a great tutorial form FTD on how to create these gorgeous photo booth frames. Saving money doesn’t have to equate lack of beauty.  Sometimes, it just means a little elbow grease and following directions.
You may want to research flowers and their history to choose meaningful symbols for your events, important whether you are creating a frame for a wedding, shower or other event.
I’ve included a few examples below, and simple step-by-step instructions, but I encourage you to visit the website listed below for full instructions.


  • Medium to large frame
  • Gold craft wire
  • Styrofoam
  • Fresh flowers & greenery
  • Optional: twinkle lights, ribbons, metallic confetti


  1. Take the frame of your choice and secure the styrofoam with the gold wire to the corners that you wish to cover with flowers.
  2. Trim flower stems so they are short enough to stick into styrofoam, but not long enough to extend too far out past the edge of the frame.
  3. Add flowers and greenery of different sizes to completely cover the styrofoam. This also creates visual texture and dimension that will stand out in your photos.
  4. Finish off your frame with a few fun add-ons like ribbon or metallic confetti. Hang your frame or pass it around and voila! You’re ready for a celebration to remember!

Thank you to the lovely Alexandria Heinz, Community Outreach FTD, for her generous information and support.

DIY Wedding Veils – Can You Really?

img_3996DIY wedding veils – can you really accomplish this feat?  Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it?

I have talked to a few brides lately, brand-new and ladies my age, and they either made their own veil, or some component of it, or a family member did,   Above you see Joanna, a friend close to my age and her handsome groom.  Yes, Joanna went to a fabric store, purchased some very fine tulle, and made her own veil!  I think it’s beautiful, a sure keepsake.  I image it wasn’t too hard on the wedding budget either.


And another photo of the beautiful bride and her veil – ADORE her dress!

A bride I worked with recently had her mother make her veil.  If she isn’t a professional seamstress, she should be!  Look at the detail work!


Her mother also made her “bolero” the gauzy “mini-sweater” for the wedding ceremony.   As the bride wore a strapless gown, she wanted a little something to continue her demure look.  (If viewing on a mobile phone or tablet, and the image is sideways, my apologies)


So what does one need to make one’s own veil?  The basics would be some very fine tulle, (you may have to go to a large bridal supply warehouse to obtain it, or order on line), fine threat, a needle, a clear hair comb, and a head piece if you are so inclined.


Come on… what would one of my posts be without posting a picture or two of my own daughters?  🙂  But they fit into this post.  While Maggie, above, and KK, below, didn’t make their own veils, they did make a creation of sorts.  Both wore their own veils, which can be handed down to any daughters or granddaughters, and my headpiece.  I was very proud.


And below, the original owner of the headpiece, yours truly.


Photo # 5 Patty Cloherty

Next up, tips from a long time friend on how to DIY for wedding hats!


DIY Wedding Tips

DIY Wedding Tips – Reduce the cost for your wedding, and make it your own!  This post will showcase many DIY Wedding Tips.


Found on

Cute “Save the Dates” in the photo above, and the bride made them herself!  Not easy, but if you have a printer, a paper cutter, access to photos, you can do it too.


Found on

And while I image the cake above is actually from a professional baker, it gives a rustic feel, and I bet you could make a similar one without too much stress. Keep in mind it would fit in with more of a “rustic” wedding.  And what about those succulents?  I LOVE them — reminds me of my California youth…


photo: Debbie Stauble Photos

And for decorations — you can find beauty in a simple walk in the woods.  That’s where this gorgeous basket came into being, created by my friend, Debbie.  Granted it is more in keeping with a “Winter Wedding” theme, but when spring rolls around, I’m sure there will be seasonal blooms to be had.


Idea/Vision: Matt Stauble Media

Snapshot: Mary P. Karnes

I ADORE the bark covering on the wine bottles in the next photo.  Debbie’s son, the talented Matt Stauble, designed these bottle covers from bark found on a hike.  And if you want a real treat, check out Matt’s website (click on the above link).  His photos and media are outstanding.


Cook: Amanda Stauble

Snapshot: Mary P. Karnes

Thinking you might have a small wedding and be able to cater the refreshments yourself?  It can be done, and beautifully too.  Look at the out the gorgeous “Sweet Potato Blossom” casserole Deb’s daughter, Amanda created for a family meal.  It was every bit as good as it looked.


Found on

I can’t take any first hand knowledge for the exquisite hand-crafted globes above, but click on the link if you’re interested on acquiring directions on how to make them.  If you have a little time – well — make that A LOT of time, you can save money and create a wedding that is truly, uniquely YOU!  🙂

Dual Purpose Wedding Items

We all know weddings are costly…VERY!  So any time you can make use of Duel Purpose Wedding Items, do it!


Found on Thanks “Mae” from Pinterest

A pinterest follower, Mae, sent me the above pin.  I LOVE it.  What a beautiful and cleaver idea.  I think it serves THREE purposes.  It’s a lovely display, cute place cards, and the guests’ first drink/toasting beverage.   Of course you as the hostess, would need to have an alternative for the guest who wishes not to drink, or for children.


Found on

Love the cupcakes above!  They are a darling centerpiece, and dessert as well.  Granted, this item fits in more with the “casual” wedding theme.


Found on

Continuing with the more rustic wedding look, is the photo above.  If you plan to be a homeowner someday, you’ll probably need a wheelbarrow.  And this one makes a darling beverage holder.  If you don’t aspire to owning one, bet you could borrow one for your wedding from many folks.


Love the cake pops above!  Again, centerpieces or table decorations and dessert too — maybe a wedding guest favor?

Found on


Hannah Colt Photos

Above you see my own daughter, Kathleen’s “Sweetheart Table”.  It’s a gorgeous ring of flowers, right?  Yes it is, but it’s also all the ladies’ bouquets.  The girls stored their flowers here.  It made a beautiful table decoration, and the bridesmaids didn’t have to worry about the poseys being stepped on, sat on, or finding room at their own tables.  Brilliant – wish I could take credit for the idea, but can’t.  Thanks, Janice (Tyler’s Mom).


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Want a useful and practical favor for your guests?  Consider the throw away camera above.  It just may slow down the immediate posting of your wedding pictures on social media…


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And lastly, maybe one of my favorite favors –  these cuddly blankets.  🙂  A generous favor, and will keep you warm at a chilly outdoor wedding.