Kathleen’s Walk Down the Aisle


Kathleen’s walk down the aisle – I think every mother envisions that walk the minute she hears she’s a mother of a daughter.  And my KK didn’t disappoint.  The top photo, courtesy of our photographer, Hannah Colt of Power Station Events, captured her bouquet beautifully.  One thing I would caution brides, mothers of the bride and groom, and bridesmaids, is to hold your bouquet at waist level.  It is a much more flattering look for your dress.  I, myself, had trouble accomplishing this…Maybe by the time I am a ‘mother of the bride’ for daughter number four…I will have it down.


And there she was…walking on the arm of her father, my husband to “The Bridal Chorus” by Richard Wagner player by two violins and a cello – Contracted by the lovely mother of the groom, Janice.  Not only did the entrance of my first born tug at my heartstrings, but the sweet, soulful music did as well.


The above photo is of the church alter, tabernacle, lectern, etc.  It all fits perfectly with the architecture of the old church.


Here is a good photo of the preciously mentioned red carpet – why red was chosen way back when…I don’t know.  I’m very happy Tyler didn’t choose to write on the bottom of his shoes, “Help Me” as Urban Legion has that some bridegrooms do…thanks for that, Tyler!

The alter flowers are shown to good advantage in this photo as well.  While complimenting the wedding colors, they didn’t clash with the questionable red carpet.  Next post, I really will share the blooper from last year’s wedding which as to this point has yet to be mentioned.  🙂

Photo Creds:

Image #1 Hannah Colt

Image #2, 3, 4 Facebook Friends




On The Way To The Church

On the way to the church … KK and Tyler chose to be married at St. Augustine in town…

According to St. Augustine’s own website, their history is as follows:

St. Augustine Church Established 1877
900 householdsBy August 1873, Glastonbury was the pastoral responsibility of St. Mary, East Hartford. Father John A. Mulcahy of St. Mary bought land in South Glastonbury on November 6, 1877 to build a chapel on the north side of Hopewell Road. On April 7, 1878, Bishop Thomas Galberry blessed the cornerstone. The chapel was dedicated to St. Augustine on November 17 of that year. In March 1902, Bishop Michael A. Tierney established rustic St. Augustine as a parish under Father Francis M. Murray. In November 1906, the parish acquired a four-acre plot deeded by the Purtill family that was cleared for a parish cemetery.


It’s a beautiful little church in South Glastonbury, holding no more than 203 – and that is packing ’em in.  It was built for much smaller people.  Just in our row, my husband and son-in-law had to sit sideways as their knees hit the pew backing in front of them.  While quaint, St. Augustine is not our home church.  Tiny Glastonbury, ( a little over 30,000), has three Roman Catholic Churches.  While I love our home church, it is a casualty of the 1970’s architecture.


The priests in town work with all parishioners to accommodate all wedding, (and sadly, funeral), needs.  Maggie, daughter number two, but bride number one, was married at the big church in town on Main Street – St. Paul – last year.  It fit her dream of a more formal affair.


The photo below gives a good view of the scale and interior of the church.  A bride needs to be mindful of her color scheme choices if being married in this church – due to the red carpet.  She does have the option of covering it with a white runner, but that defeats the purpose of a train.  Kind of makes it hard to see the detail of the train when the background is a white runner…


I love the stained glass windows below.  The are antiques in themselves.


And as promised… we are “On our way to the church” in the two photos below.  Tess, Julia and Tyler’s sister, Amanda, and in the very last photo – Tyler’s cousin, Alyssa and yours truly.




And I think I’ve been promising you my final wedding blooper for a few days…and as a special treat, I’ll FINALLY tell you about the “BIG” one from Maggie’s wedding last year…!!!

All photos: Mary P Karnes




Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony


Our family is Roman Catholic.  It is not easy to be married “in the church,” – to have a “Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony.”  There is more work involved than a protestant ceremony.  I can speak from experience, as Kenny and I were married first in the Presbyterian Church, (my church growing up), then we had a second wedding in the Catholic Church after I converted to Roman Catholicism.

I think if religion is important to both the bride and groom, it is not to everyone, it’s easier if a couple is untied.  Kenny and I made the decision before we married that we would first get married in my “hometown church,” then I would convert.  I didn’t realize, however, that it would take me TWO years to complete the process, and that it would require getting married all over again.  I don’t think any parish requires that today.  This was 30 years ago, remember.

Maggie and Rob, KK and Tyler are lucky.  All four are Roman Catholics.  They didn’t have to jump through the hoops that Kenny and I did.  There is a lengthy process, though.

In order to be married in the Catholic Church, either the bride or the groom must be a confirmed Catholic.  One can not become a confirmed Catholic unless he/she is baptized, attends 9 years of CCD – religious education, received his/her First Holy Communion, and First Reconciliation (you may think of this as “Confession”).  Then the candidate is eligible to attend either a one or two year course of “Confirmation Classes.”  Finally after all this, the candidate is accepted into the Church as a full member.

Now you want to receive the Sacrament of marriage?  One must be a registered member of a parish, or his/her parents are.  All sacraments, (listed above), must be documented.  Then the bride and groom must meet, on average, three times with a priest, and attend a “pre-cana” marriage workshop.  This is at least a five hour class.  The class addresses everything from children, to in-laws to finance.  A lot of work?  You bet.  But so is marriage.  The Catholic Church has struggled in the recent past, but I think this is one thing they’re doing right…


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