Sisters Brides Best Attendants


Sisters – brides’ best attendants.  I was not blessed with any siblings, but my daughters are.  The have three sisters, four girls in all.  Above is one of my favorite photos of the girls together…ok…perhaps the photo below is my favorite.  As my oldest, the bride in the photo below says, “This picture is the Original ” ‘Til Death Due Us Part’.”  Yes it is…yes it is.


Or maybe my favorite is this photo…the day I became a mother-in-law for the first time…


But this must be my favorite of all…when my most recent son-in-law became my son.  So what is the same about all these photos?  The four girls in them.  There will most likely be four weddings.  We have had two already.  Who will be the SAME in all the photos?  Who will stand up at the ceremony, who will throw the showers, the bachelorettes, give the bride a hug when she is over-wrought?  Her sisters.  Who will grin and bear it when the bride has a melt-down and declares she is upset with all her bridesmaids, that no one is there for her?  Who else will wear the ugly dress, shoes and her hair exactly like the bride wishes, without complaint?  Her sisters.


So Brides To Be…if you are lucky enough to be blessed with sisters, always include them, always pull them in, always choose them above all others to be in your wedding.  No one will ever be the biggest constant in your lives.   No one..

So if it comes down to a college room mate, a childhood friend, a new friend or your sister.  Always, always choose the girl who grew up with you, who shares your parents, who knows you best, and always will.

Shall We Bring Back Headpieces For Bridesmaids ?

Headpieces for bridesmaids were once a mandatory accessory.  Why?  One reason, the Roman Catholic Church, pre-Vatican II, required all women to have their heads covered upon entering a Catholic Church.  So it became a wedding tradition for all bridesmaids.  Below is a photo of Princess Grace of Monaco’s bridesmaids.  Love the hats, but looks like they’re having a little trouble keeping them on in the outdoor breeze.


I hope my aunt won’t mind too much…below is a photo of my darling Aunt Judy at her sister Ginger’s wedding.  She is pictured with my maternal grandparents…I love this photo.   I had never seen it before. I ran across it on Facebook, which gave me the idea for this post.  Aunt Judy doesn’t look too happy with her headpiece.  But it WAS the 60’s…  🙂  Hummm…I wonder what the bride’s colors were…?


Below is another take on bridesmaids’ hair accessories.  While not quite my vision, it does buy into a resurrection of bridesmaids’ headpieces. I think I like the flower girl’s flower wreath better…



I ADORE these gowns…every color is lovely, as are all the varying styles.  The hues really compliment each other.  And what about the flowers in the ladies’ hair?  I hope they aren’t real, as at the end of the evening, I bet they’d be droopy…



The photo above is probably a realistic modern day option for bridesmaid headwear.  It’s small but stylish.  The popularity of the European royals, and their love of hats, has increased OUR devotion here in the States.  I believe the hat above would compliment any attire without being overly dramatic, as the above flowers were.  Heck, those flowers were so sensational, no one may have noticed the bride.  I can hear it now…”Are those real flowers?” Or…how are those flowers anchored on their heads?!?”  🙂

If you’d like to read a post on Bridesmaid’s duties, click on the link!  Bridesmaid’s Duties



The New Bridesmaid


The New Bridesmaid…  According to “The Hartford Magazine” article ‘Pretty Maids All in a Row’ by Sarah Wesley Lemire, the average bridesmaid spends roughly $ 1,500 for the honor of being a bride’s attendant.  The amount increases if she has to travel, which may include train or airfare, rental car, etc. Her accommodations should be paid for by the bride or the  bride’s family.  This is to include the night prior to the wedding and the night of the event.


Top Two Photos from Lady Kitty Spencer’s Instagram

There is a new trend afoot!  Some brides are allowing their bridesmaids to choose their own gown.  In the two photos above, (taken from Lady Kitty Spencer’s instagram – If you have a good memory, she is the niece of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.  Lady Kitty is the daughter of Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer.  Any daughters of an earl have the title, “Lady”.

But I digress… As you can see in the photos above, even the aristocracy is embracing this new trend.  The bride, Lady Kitty’s friend, didn’t even designate a color palate for her maids to choose from.  She apparently said something like, “Choose a long gown you like, and wear it!”  I think it’s delightful.  Even the bride is a little avant-garde, choosing a bridal gown with a pattern.


From “Hartford Magazine”

The “Choose Your Own Bridesmaid Dress” style has also made it to our side of the pond.  In the photos above, the bride allowed her maids to choose gowns from her color palate, but ones the girls felt comfortable in, and hopefully fit in their budgets.


Tarah Zeiner & her bridal party, wearing Faber designs -From “Hartford Magazine”

Same is true for the lovely Tarah in the picture above.  All bridesmaids are dressed in navy, (if you’d like to read my blog post about “A Navy Blue Wedding” click on the link!), but each lady chose a different gown style. Thoughtful both of different body types and budgets.  I love it!

Sisters of the Bride


Sisters of the bride —

Everyone wants to give their children what they didn’t have.  And in one way, I’ve done that.  Yes, I have many wonderful women friends, and a “close as a sister cousin’, Kim — but I am an only child.  My girls have each other.  How many women can say they have THREE sisters?  Not many.  And while they can bicker with the best of them – they are close, and I truly believe, always will be.


Getting our KK ready for her ceremony was surely a family affair.  All her sisters had something to contribute, whether is was Julia putting on KK’s “Something Borrowed” (my silver marquisette necklace and earrings in the top photo), to Tess adjusting her headpiece, (mine – worn at my wedding 32 years ago, and most recently by Maggie at her wedding last year — think I can talk Tess and Julia into wearing it in a few years at THEIR weddings??? – Hope so…)  – To Maggie adjusting the final satin covered buttons in the photo above.


I love how our photographer hung KK’s dress in the windows and created this romantic view in the picture above.  As I think I told you in a previous post, I was right behind Hannah, our photographer, snapping her artistic creations with my little iPhone.  🙂  You may not have seen it, but KK’s dress had a lovely train.  If you have a train, you must have a bustle sewn in.  It is an extra, to be added by only an expert wedding dress seamstress – and there are many types, depending on your dress and fabric style.  Check out my post, Wedding Dress Bustles, for more detail!


And in our final photo, my four girls are together, posing happily with their sister.  KK has often said she doesn’t really resemble her sisters, favoring her dad, my husband, more than I, but I don’t know…I think I see a likeness…what about you?

Photo creds: All Mary P Karnes