Ingenious Ideas for Outdoor Weddings wrote a nice article about Ingenious Ideas for Outdoor Weddings.  I have picked a few of my favorite ideas from the article to share with you. If you’d like to read the whole article, click on the provided link……but my take on the article is really all you need.  🙂


Advise your female guests about the best footwear for your outdoor affair.  And for your bridesmaids and other important female guests, spring for these nifty little heel supporters.  They’re great!  I have long been an advocate for these gems.  None of us like our heels ruined in the grass…

Offer ice cold drinks to waiting guests.  Summer weddings can be brutal on guests waiting for the start of your wedding, especially if there’s no shade.


Mary P. Karnes Photo

Behold, an almost empty tub from a wedding I worked this summer.  It was once full of ice and chilled water bottles, but the guests took good advantage of the thoughtful gesture.

Individual inset repellent. I LOVE this idea.  I always encouraged my brides to provide cans of bug spray for their guests, but it’s messy, and takes awhile to make the rounds of the guests.  To have a vat of individual applications is nothing short of genius.


If you anticipate a REALLY hot day, ask your florist to mist the wedding flowers periodically throughout the day.  If you live in hot climes, consider writing that in your floral contract.  If your florist balks, recruit a family member to do the chore.


This is a big one… Choose a strong make-up fixative/setting spray that will hold up to the heat.  This is not an occasion where you want your make-up running.  There are too many important photos at stake!


There are many more wonderful ideas…next post, I’ll share additional items!

Wedding Venues – Lots of Options!

Wedding venues – lots of options!


When completing the biggest task on your wedding list, that of choosing your venue, remember to consider all options.  Sometimes, we do not see the forest for the trees! What?  What I mean is, often we get so used to seeing a particular landmark in our lives that we don’t even think it could be a possible wedding venue.


For those living in Mystic, Connecticut, that could very well be the case with the Inn at Mystic.  What a charming little local inn!  But what a bang up job they do on events!  My associate, Debbie, attended a business meeting there, and thought it would be an ideal wedding venue.  Apparently, so do the owners, and they offer fabulous wedding packages.


The city of Mystic offers views such as the one above. Gorgeous!



The wedding tent, pictured above in two photos, easily converts into an spectacular venue for business events or weddings.  You can see where the tent is connected by one side to the main Inn.  I think this is wise, as you waste no space.  The tent area moves easily into the main building, creating a nice flow.


The photo above showcases the tent area waiting to be dressed for a wedding.  I love the chandelier in this photo.  Surprising, isn’t it, that such elegance is available in a tent environment?  It works, though.  Your take away from this post?  Look at all possibilities in  your community.  You may be surprised that a location you have previously overlooked would be PERFECT for your event. In fact, it may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Photos 1-4 Stock Photos

Photo #5 Debbie Stauble

Lost Wedding Traditions Part II

Did you enjoy “Lost Wedding Traditions”?  If you didn’t get a chance to read it, click on the link and it will direct you to the post.

In this post, I’ll share a few more favorite ‘Lost Traditions’ from the article, “Classic Wedding Traditions That Should Be Brought Back”( “Country Living Magazine”).  Click on the link if you’d like to read the whole article.  Enjoy!

  1.  Not seeing each other on the wedding day UNTIL the ceremony.  I’d say about half of the weddings I worked on this summer had a “First Look” photo session.  “What is this?”, you may ask.  It’s a pre-ceremony photo shoot of the bride, groom, sometimes attendants and family.  Why is this done?  So the principles can get right to cocktail hour and party with their guests.  But I prefer the first look below (my daughter, Maggie and son-in-law, Robert).  Could there be a sweeter look, or one filled with more love, than the look Rob gives his bride when he first sees her?  I love this photo.




2.  Hosting a simple reception


With four daughters, I am all for “hosting a more simple reception”!  In the 50’s and 60’s, wedding receptions were often just punch and cake.  And really why not?  When did it become the norm to serve a full cocktail hour, and a five course dinner to our wedding guests?  Truly not necessary.  Enjoyable, yes, but necessary…no.

3.  Taking a month long Honeymoon –  I could totally get behind this one!  How dreamy to take an extended honeymoon with your new husband!  But this was back in the day when couples didn’t live together years before they said, “I do.”  Say what you want about the practicality of this arrangement, it DOES take some of the sparkle away from setting up your home as “husband and wife”.

Elegant loving couple leaving for honeymoon with luggage, 1950s style
Elegant loving couple leaving for honeymoon with luggage, 1950s style Stock photo

4.  Having a ‘Morning Wedding’


Southern Weddings

Where do you think the term, “Morning Suit” came from?  From the British and  their tradition of morning weddings, to include a “Wedding Breakfast”.  This would help keep the cost of a reception down as well. While you may have a Bloody Mary or Mimosa request from a guest or two, your bar tab would be significantly less.  Even the beautiful royal couple, William and Kate, had a morning affair!


Gentleman’s Gazette

Lost Wedding Traditions

Lost Wedding Traditions…A family member sent me an article a few days ago about “Classic Wedding Traditions That Should Be Brought Back” from ‘Country Living Magazine’.  Click on the link if  you’d like to read the whole article.  I picked my favorites, and will share with you.  🙂

  1. Making a “Grand Exit”.  Yes, brides and grooms these days want the photo of a “Grand Exit” but do they really leave?  No.  There is more often than not an “After Party”.  For those of us from an older generation, this is how it works: The younger set moves onto another location and they continue partying with the bride and groom.  But I LOVE the old time glamour of waving the bride and groom off as they start their new life together.


The bride in the above photo is pictured in her gown, AND her going away suit.  Remember those, ‘ladies of a certain age’?  I had a going away suit, and a posy of my favorite flowers, violets, to pin on it.

2.  Freezing a slice, or the top tier, of your wedding cake. I did this, and so did my girls.  But I think it is becoming a thing of the past.  Most weddings I worked on this summer had a different dessert from the traditional cake.  And those who had cake?  Well, they didn’t freeze any of it.  Think you may like to freeze YOUR cake?  Click on the link to a previous blog post, Preserving the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake  Do you need help defrosting your cake?  Click on the next link: Defrosting the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake


Above, daughter Maggie’s wedding cake. If you’re going to freeze a tier, make sure you get an extra one, as Maggie did, so you don’t have to freeze too much.  You just need a bit, but it will be taste better if you freeze an entire section.  Photo cred: Patty Cloherty

3.  Serve a Groom’s Cake.  Now this really IS a thing of the past.  I have been married lost 33 years, and none of my friends had a “Groom’s cake.  If you’d like to read more about this luscious option, click on the link Groom’s Cake.


Oh, my!  I have more quaint traditions to share with you, but we are out of room, AND words…next time?