Colored Wedding Shoes – Ramp Up Your Look!


You COULD wear plain old white or ivory shoes as I did, OR you could take your wedding look to the next level with colored wedding shoes!  I LOVE this.  I imagine you can tell, as most of my blog headers feature a bride with fancy shoes.  If I were a new bride today, a shoes photo would be a must.  I ADORE the red shoes above.  My wedding colors were red and black.  These shoes would have been just perfect for me. I was a conventional bride, however, and wore white.  Wish I could have a redo!



A second choice would be the fabulous royal blue above.  I don’t like to see brides’ toes, though, so I don’t think I’d choose this particular shoe.

840c6ceff8350805dfdedb4a762dcef3 $29.99

Not sure you want a colored shoe, or even a heel for that matter?  But you DO want something over the top?  Consider the shoes in the snap above.  They are ultra festive, look relatively comfortable and believe it or not, retail for $ 29.99!  I’m not advertising them, but do want you to know that there are deals out there.  You just have to look.



I’m IN LOVE with these light blue shoes.  I do not image they are a deal. Ok…maybe THESE are the shoes I’d pick if I’d have a do over…  🙂  The color may be muted, but the rhinestones on the back rev it up!


Really want to step out, (no pun intended), of the box?  What about  patterned footwear like the ones above?  I’m not a huge fan, but to each his own.


And seriously…I think this may be my most loved idea of any.  How adorable to match up the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s shoes like this?  It’s not only cute, but extremely photo worthy!

Engagement Party

You’re engaged!  Will you have a party to commemorate this milestone?  An Engagement Party used to be de rigor, not now, not so much.  Most couples do like to celebrate their new status in some fashion, however.


Above, you see my daughter, Kathleen, and her then finance, Tyler, holding their marriage license.  Thank you, Janice, Tyler’s mom, for capturing this sweet moment.

Did we celebrate with a party when my two daughters announced their engagements?  You bet we did.  We chose to make the parties intimate with family only, but they couldn’t have been more festive.  Big or small, what makes a good engagement party?  Well, it’s just a party, after all, but there are a few guidelines that should be followed with any party to ensure all flows smoothly.

1 — If you choose to hold the party in your home, consult either a caterer for proper refreshment qualities, or a chart such as the one below.  Nothing puts a damper on an event more than not having enough food.



2 — Plan some sort of activity.  It need not be the expense of a DJ or band for dancing, but SOMETHING to ‘get the party’ going.  Depending on the size, it can be something as simple as a dice or card game.

3 — Decorate.  Hey!  This is a good opportunity to practice those DIY projects for the ‘Main Event’!  Love the wine bottles!  And the project appears easy enough for even ME to try…

img_4490 – photo above and below

The door decoration below just says “Wedding” to me.  Love the play on a bouquet, and ‘veil’.


4 — Do Something Fun With Your Bar

It’s a party!  Go out on a limb, whether you cater your party or do it yourself.  Festive equals fun.  Love the “bubbly” bar in the photo below.  You may be surprised at the cocktail options available to you when champagne is used as your base alcohol.  Give it a try!


Wedding Wisdom from the Hair Salon

Wedding Wisdom from the Hair Salon?  That’s right…wherever women gather, that’s the best place to glean knowledge.  What better locale than a hair salon?


I was relaxing at my most recent hair appointment, enjoying chatting with the young stylist who was new to me.  Sadly, my regular stylist moved and I to find another.  Ladies, you know this isn’t fun.  Luckily, Kayla was a delight, and was pretty handy with the scissors.  I admit…I’m a little bit of an eaves dropper…  And when I heard the stylist and her client next to us start talking about weddings, I had to jump in!  The talk had gone to the best wedding of the season – typical wedding season is April to October.  The stylist does a lot of wedding hair at her salon, in fact she did both my daughters’.  And apparently the client attended many weddings this season.

So, I jumped in, and asked, “So what makes a wedding a good one?  What makes it fun/a success?”

What they both answered surprised me.  I thought they may say extravagance, fabulous food and drink, over the top decorations and favors.  No.  Both ladies answered they wanted to get the party started.  They wanted to dance as soon as possible.  As soon as cocktail hour was over, and the bridal party announced, THE WANTED TO DANCE.




So I am modifying the timeline I have historically recommended to my brides.  As soon as cocktail hour is over, begin your first dance as bride and groom, and then invite your guests to join you on the dance floor.  Then take a little break and hold the toasts. KEEP THE TOASTS SHORT.  Yes, I realize you don’t have much control over this, but plead with your toasters and ask them keep their speeches to 2-3 minutes.  Limit the number of people you ask to speak also.  Father of the bride, best man, and maid/matron on honor at the most.




Then, dance!  Brief break again, and dance your “Special Dances” Father/Bride and Mother/Groom.  I suggest either sharing the dance floor for one song, (although I realize this is NOT an option for most), or dance to a truncated version of each song.


Then DANCE!  Lastly, cut your cake, and keep it brief.


Then you can get back to what the guests say they really want to do, dance, enjoy cocktails and visit with friends.  Hopefully you will get a few photos like the ones below…






Photo 1 – Pinterest

Photos – 2, 4, 5, 8 – Patty Cloherty

Photo – 3, 6, 7, 10 – Hannah Colt

Photo 9 – Stage 6 – Media


More Nova McLaren! Bespoke Wedding Gown

Fancy the idea of an original wedding gown, or a “Bespoke Wedding Gown”? Well, if you’re lucky enough to live in the New England area, you need look no further than Nova McLaren, owned by the lovely Olivia Humphreys.  I introduced her to you on my blog a couple weeks ago.  If you’d like to read that post, just click on the link! Nova McLaren.


The above is an absolute exquisite creation.  The color, my favorite. But are you more of a conventional bride, and desire a more bridal shade of white?  No problem.  Nova McLaren can do whatever you want.  That’s the beauty of going this route for your gown.  You can have whatever you want!  Like the bodice of one gown, and the skirt of another?  Nova McLaren will make it work.

Would you like to see some of her other creations?  They are beauties, I guarantee – take a gander, and in the words of the designer:

Below are…”Pieces I did for Christian Siriano’s Spring Summer 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week in September”


This black number says “Old World Hollywood” to me.  I would so love to wear a gown such as this. The elegance, the colors, they’re are my idea of glamour.


And what about this gorgeous white ensemble?  I love how the white fabric drapes.  Your wedding could have this gracefulness as well.


Of all the gowns, this could possibly be my favorite.  I love the sheerness of the lower skirt.  It flows so dramatically across the model’s legs.

Next time, I have a question and answer interview with the talented Olivia Humphreys of Nova McLaren.

Please visit this phenomenal designer at:

Runway photos: Cory Lynn Tucker