More Unique Wedding Guest Books


Debbie Stauble photos

I encountered more Unique Wedding Guest Books in the past two weeks!.  Think a guest book and a feathered pen will work any more?  Nope.  Brides and Grooms these days try their best to out do each other, with delightful results.  And to call them “Guest Books” any longer is surely a misnomer.  They are anything but books.  They’re  more a special keepsake to be displayed in the new couple’s home.  It is often something involving a hobby or a remembrance of how the couple met.

The top photo is from a wedding my creative associate, Debbie, worked.  It’s a hand-made bench, which the guests were asked to sign in black sharpie. Love, love this idea.  It will be given a proud place of honor in the couple’s new home.


I feel a degree of guilt, as my daughter, KK, and son-in-law, Tyler, wanted to use boat oars  for their guest book. In my defense, at least as I remember it, they came up with the idea late in the game, and I was overwhelmed.  Had I had a wedding planner to take some of the pressure off…  🙂

Boats are special to KK and Tyler.  They love to fish at Tyler’s family’s lake house, and he proposed on the water.  It would have been perfect. Perhaps at a future anniversary party…



Mary P. Karnes photos

The above photo was taken by yours truly at the wedding I worked last night. (If viewing on a cell phone or tablet and the photo appears sideways, by apologies!)  The bridal couple purchased a fancy instamatic camera, (made for tiny photos), and asked guests to take selfies.  Then the photos were signed by the guests and placed in a photo album.  Charming.  Not only a cute “guest book” but entertainment for the guests!


Mary P. Karnes photos

And so far…my favorite “guest book” from my summer weddings.  The beautiful artist’s rendition of the family lake house where the bridal couple’s wedding and reception was held.  Guests were asked to sign around the drawing.  Post wedding, it will be framed and hung in the bride and groom’s home.  If you’d like to read a pervious post about even more innovative “Guest Book Ideas” click on the following link.  The New Wedding Guest Books


Remember These 10 Things, Continued

Don’t Forget 10 Things Post Ceremony … Remember These 10 Things, Continued

Linda Dipropeazio, from the article, “10 Things Brides Forget To Do After Their Wedding Ceremony” from she makes a great list of things a bride often forgets to do…and I’ve added personal narrative to her worthy catalog.

So began yesterday’s post   Remember These 10 Things Post Ceremony (click on the link if you’d like to read it), …and I will continue with the other 5 items today.

6)  Don’t forget to look at your ceremony venue.  I remember walking to the door of the church when I married almost 32 years ago, and momentarily being surprised when I realized I couldn’t go in and listen to the vocalists.  Which is silly, I know.  But I kind of felt left out (suffering from today’s version of FOMO).  And when someone complimented me on the beautiful flowers in the church, I couldn’t picture them.  In fact I had to wait…and wait… and wait… to see the church flowers in the photographer’s photos.  So Linda’s advice, and mine too…take a moment to look at your church or other ceremony venue and appreciate it.


Above, my own wedding ceremony site, the Ojai Presbyterian Church.  The photo at the time was supposed to look ‘antique’ – ha!  It really is now!  Maybe you can see a few blooms on the pews and up by the alter.  (If this photo appears sideways on your mobil or table device, my apologies!)

7) Don’t forget to remove your veil after the ceremony/formal photo session (provided you wear one).  For other ideas, read my blog post: “Alternatives to the Veil” – Just click on the link.  You may want to consider an additional head piece.  Both my daughters did.


Not sure if you can see the wreath in daughter, Kathleen’s, hair above.  It was lovely, and left her free to move and dance.  It also had long ribbons streaming down her back, which gave a nice dimension to her strapless gown.

8)  Don’t forget important items either at the ceremony or reception sites, or both.  Ask a trustworthy family member or friend to make sure they pick up your toasting glasses, guest book, unity candle, etc. at the end of the night.

9) Don’f forget to put your engagement ring back on.  Remember…your wedding ring goes nearest to your heart.  So for your ceremony, you had to take your engagement ring off in order to put your wedding ring on FIRST.


Hannah Colt Photos

10)  Don’t forget to thank your bridal party.  These people purchased crazy attire, listened to you complain, allowed you to order them around, and are your best friends.  Say, “Thank you!”  🙂


Hannah Colt Photos