DIY Wedding Flowers

DIY Wedding Flowers!

One of your larger wedding expenses is that of your flowers.  You can save a good deal of money if you do it yourself – or DIY!  Here are some tips:

1 – Go on or pinterest, or MY BLOG!  to find out ways to make desired flower items, i.e., centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc.

2 – Research local sources for best possible prices.  Remember, when you buy local, especially in snow country, you will need to have a spring or summer wedding.  There is some availability in fall, but not as much.

If you’re lucky enough to live Southern New England, check out Jennys Flowers 

I know from personal experience how lovely Jenny’s flowers are, how long they last, and how personable and easy to work with Jenny is.  Even if you’re not from New England, give the link a click, you’re in for a treat.

3 – Practice, practice, practice.  You’re not a professional, so you’ll need lots of PRACTICE.

4 – Recruit help.  Many hands make light work.

5 – If your wedding day is hot, make provisions to keep the blooms cool.  Refrigerate as long as possible.  Make sure water levels are sufficient in stationary vessels.

6 – Recruit help for flower arrangement.  You, as the bride, will be getting your hair and makeup done.  Who will be arranging the flowers?  Consider a “Day Of” Planner for such needs.

Love the above centerpiece display.  This can actually be created with artificial flowers using a hot glue gun and a styrofoam ball.

The same is true for the series of photos above.  Click in the link for more info.

The above link gives a great set of photos on how to create a bridal bouquet. Bouquets are very expensive if designed and made by a florist.

The above series walks you through making “Tall Centerpieces” a fad that grew out of favor with modern brides about five years ago, but they still have their use.  If you choose this style, be careful they don’t overtake your table.


DIY flower items don’t have to be complicated, or lavish.  Just look at the lovey chair adornment above.  Good luck!

Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

So you want to make your wedding “yours”? What are some unique ways to personalize your wedding? Well, look no further than the next two photos. One of my weddings this summer featured a custom bobblehead. It was a surprise from the bride to the groom (he’s a bobblehead collector). It was a complete hit. i was standing close to the cake where the bride displayed the bobblehead. She completely surprised him. He had no clue. My role in this? I had to hide the bobblehead all night and bring it out in time for the cake cutting. Let’s just say I was more than nervous! Who would have thought that the responsibility of safeguarding custom bobbleheads would land on my shoulders? (I also picked up the wedding cake for this lovely couple. I admit, that made me even more anxious. But all went well. Neither was smashed or broken).


Was this an easy task for the bride? No. I heard from the bridesmaids that the first attempt had to be sent back to the manufacture, as it just wasn’t right. The company’s fault? That of the bride? NO! This is just plain hard to accomplish, especially if done from a photo. I’m not sure what company they used, but one that provides this service is: bobble Their prices range from $ 50.00 to $ 70.00 for one person. I’m guessing at least double for two.


The photo above, from a family wedding last summer, showcases a figurine of the wedding couple as a cake topper. This too was done by photo. It was a little pricier than the bottle heads, but then their darling dogs were also in the arrangement, and it included the cake. If you’d like to read the former post about the “Coolest Cake Ever” click on the link!

And speaking of cake…if you’re interested in preserving the top layer of your wedding cake, or even a portion of it for your first anniversary, click on the link from a former blog post on how to do so.

Preserving the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake

More Wedding Saving Tips


Looking for more money saving tips for your wedding?  What about Breakfast for Dinner?  I know my kids alway loved that theme – who doesn’t?  And the best thing is, it’s less expensive that a dinner menu.  Continuing with the blog suggestions from, Breakfast for dinner is new wedding hit!  To quote one bride from the article:

“Coming up with the idea to do a brunch wedding– not only did using breakfast food cut our bill in half, it was a sentimental choice too. Our first date was breakfast at a diner because we both worked overnights at the time. Plus, who doesn’t love breakfast? People loved the originality of the idea and the delicious food!”

5862 has long been a favorite site of mine for handmade crafts, but especially for wedding items.  The article also suggests using this site as a money saver.  My daughter Kathleen’s wedding invitations were from Etsy.  KK and her husband, Tyler, were able to find a pattern that was sentimental for them (it featured a couple in a canoe – highlighting not only Tyler’s proposal, but their love of the outdoors, and especially fishing).


Another way the article suggests saving money is to use “help from friends” for the wedding.  I agree — to a point.  If people are willing to help with wedding prep, or after, take ’em up on it!  But NOT for the day of the wedding.  A professional is best for that.  (Do you really want the crew below in charge?  🙂  )


Not only do you need clear-headed “help” at your wedding, but you also want to insure that your family and friends have a good time.  Seriously consider a “Day Of Event” coordinator.  The value is large.  Some brides even take it a step further and hire their planner for the week before as well.  Not a bad idea…

Metallic Wedding

Would you consider a Metallic Wedding ?

I attended my first “Webinar” this past week.  It was sponsored by “The Knot” for their vendors.  I qualified as a ‘Wedding Planner’.  It was interesting, and I did learn a few ‘up and coming 2106 trends’, but with social media today, nothing is completely novel.


That being said…one new focus that impressed me for this wedding season is the “Metallic Wedding”.  Not sure I’d be bold enough to try it for my own, or for one of my daughters, but it sure is pretty!  And there are so many options.  Just look at the metallic wedding cakes above.  I have always viewed the wedding cake as part tradition, part dessert, and part decoration.  In fact for my own daughters, cakes were purchased to serve more guests than we had, just so it would be a “statement” piece.  These two lovelies above definitely fit the bill.  And what’s so nice about metallic, you can mix and match the different metal tones, gold, silver, gold, rose gold, all to an enchanting outcome.


And what about these dresses?  I KNOW I would not be daring enough to deviate from the traditional “some sort of shade of white” for MY wedding dress, but they are gorgeous.  But maybe your bridesmaids??  The metallic hues lend such an air of sophistication and formality.  Maybe not the best choice for a spring/summer barn wedding?  On a personal note, I think I would want my bridesmaids to be dressed in something that was more strikingly different in color from my gown.  Vain…maybe.  🙂


Want just a little splash of metal to sparkle up your attire?  How about the headpiece below?  This is perfect because it would look great with your veil, and excellent on it’s own for the reception – an instant new look for the ‘party’!


Using shades of metal for your table can either tie your whole look together, or be the perfect accent.  Have fun with it!