Magical Wedding Dreams


I have a friend who started planning her wedding when she was eight years old.

The delightful photo below is NOT of her, however, – I just think it’s cute.  I know this little girl; she is grown up now, and as beautiful a woman as she was a cute child.  In this picture, she is dressed in a family  gown, standing on a table.


Actually, planning one’s wedding so far in advance isn’t such a bad idea.  Think of all the ideas you may run across as you dream of your magical day.  If you don’t note them, you’ll forget, or at least I would…  🙂


At the first wedding I attended following the birth of my first DAUGHTER, I began taking wedding notes. In those days, it was with a pen and paper.  These days, one can just jot ideas on your phone.  But back then…it was old school.   I noted things that worked, i.e., songs I liked, flattering mother of the bride dress styles, cute centerpiece ideas…And things that didn’t.  For example, receptions not starting immediately following the ceremony – where is one to go in the hour of limbo between the wedding and cocktail hour?  Or deciding to skip the slippery white isle runner for the wedding party to walk on.  Not only can it be a slipping hazard on tile, the white runner doesn’t provide a desirable background for the bride’s white train.


Not a bad idea to think about your dream ring in advance, either…trends change, and go in cycles.  But you know what is best for you.  Does your skin look better with yellow gold, or a silver tone?  Do you wear more of one than the other?  But remember…you may need to be flexible.  Your fiancé just may surprise you with HIS dream ring when he pops the question.  Time for compromise and graciousness…


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Spring Wedding



Nothing says, “Spring Wedding” like this cake.  I LOVE it!  You know it’s a wedding cake, with the tiers, shape and embroidery on the sides; but it’s not exactly conventional. The flowers and petals at the base give it an extra fresh look.  I’m guessing each layer has a different cake flavor and filling…


I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to wear it…but the pink dress above is GORGEOUS!  The soft pink is so distinctive, and yet she still looks like a bride.  I wonder if her bridesmaids wore white?  This takes a certain sense of confidence and panache, but I bet no one will forget her wedding, and isn’t that what every bride’s hoping?




The photo above is from a website that has lots of spring wedding ideas,  I like the creativity of using fresh vegetables for centerpieces, etc., but I don’t find veggies as pretty as flowers.


Thinking about your signature cocktail?  It’s the trend now to have one. One reason, they can be made ahead of time, thus ensuring guests are served asap, and secondly, well…they’re just pretty.  KK has been working with her coordinator, and they have one designed.  The only hint I can give you, it’s goes along with her color scheme.


Oh, my!  I adore the bouquet above.  Maggie had peonies in her bouquet.  If you don’t want to pay an  arm and a leg, don’t choose them for a winter wedding.  Peonies are definitely a late spring flower.   They are a bold flower, and if you are going for a more delicate approach, look elsewhere.


The photo above speaks volumes to how you can decorate a spring wedding.  So many soft, new-beginning options.  When I first saw the picture below, I thought is was of a beverage instead of a center piece.  Looks good enough to drink, doesn’t it?!?


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Fall Wedding


Ah…the Fall Wedding.  There IS a reason why autumn is currently the most popular time to get married.  Why if you want your number one venue ON A SATURDAY in the fall…book it at least 18 months in advance.  Fall is beautiful.  It gives the bride an instant theme.  Even if  you are not lucky enough to life in a “Four Season” part of the country, you can manufacture an autumn feel.

Now I might have thought of a pumpkin color scheme for the bridesmaids’ dresses, but probably wouldn’t have chosen it for the bride’s dress.  I kind of like it, though…how about you?


And look at the cake above – gorgeous!  In fact this cake would fit in with any wedding style that had a peach, burnt orange color.


So many escort card/seating card choices with a fall wedding.  I love the apples above. Kenny and I actually went to a wedding where they used just these mini apples to direct us to our table.  And it wasn’t even a fall wedding!


The two bouquets above, and below are simply gorgeous.  Not sure which is my favorite.  I do think, though, that both have a less formal air than the tradition bridal bouquet.  Maybe that was the bride’s vision?



A Fall Wedding can lend itself to a country/casual air, take the invitation above.  I would imagine much of it is possible as a DIY project, which could greatly take the pinch out of the bride’s budget.  OR…look at the photo below.  This fall table setting has a very formal air.  I have mixed thoughts about the tall vases in the photo below as table decor. Yes, they are dramatic, and make quite a statement.  BUT…they make visibility around the room a challenge, as well as one for the photographer.  And in my opinion, from the weddings I have attended with them, chatting to your seat mates is NOT easier…


Let’s not forget the delicious fare you can serve your guests at a fall themed wedding.  Everyone’s autumn favorites are sure to be a hit.  Just look at the delightful table below groaning with tasty treats!


But probably the best reason to schedule your wedding in the fall…the GORGEOUS photo opps!  What more do you need in the way of decoration than nature’s own!  Neither KK or Maggie had a fall wedding.  It fit in better with their schedules to plan late spring, early summer for them.  And yes, there IS something to be said for starting your life together in the tender pale green of budding new life…


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Photo Opportunity


I love this picture of KK and Tyler.  I had never seen it until recently.  It was taken prior to KK’s senior ball – where else, my Glastonbury Friends…but by “The Fountain.”  For those of you who don’t live in town, the “Fountain” is an institution.  It is the town residents’ favorite photo opportunity.   EVERYONE goes there to take pictures for Junior Prom and Senior Ball – the attendees, the parents,  siblings.  It is quite the spring social event.  You see a few brides there on a Saturday afternoon – but not as many as I would think.  As with everything else… time is always a factor.  I have mentioned “The Fountain” in a pervious blog, but didn’t include pictures.  The photo below is an evening view in spring or early summer.  The one following,  a picture taken on Main Street, Glastonbury.  You can see the rock wall entrance to the park where the fountain is located.




When booking your photographer, it’s a good idea to discuss before hand where your would like your formal photos taken.  If you get married in a “Four Season” part of the country, keep in mind the changing foliage if you plan outdoor pictures.  Also consider other weather related senarios -…for example, while the fountain is one of the most iconic photo spots in Glastonbury, the water is shut off at the end of fall through winter.  It’s not as special without the delicate spray.  Have ideas for all weather possibilities.  What if it rains?  Have some indoor options in your bag of tricks.  It rained on Maggie’s wedding day – supposed to be good luck, but boy did it change our photo plans.  KK and Tyler have many options for wedding pictures.  There is a darling gazebo at their reception site, as well as the signature “Crystal Lake.”  If it rains, well, they can head to the covered deck and use the lake as a backdrop. The photo below showcases Crystal Lake.  The view…from the covered deck.


I am closing in on the final selection of KK and Tyler’s photo package…lots to consider…remember…when you sign that contract, you’re locked in.   You can always add on, but as the coordinator told me, “Once you pick a package, you can go up, but not down-size.”


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