Pink Wedding Shoes



Women… love shoes.  What better way to express that love than pink wedding shoes?  Studies prove that most women’s favorite color is pink — sexist I know, but facts don’t lie.

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I have a little bit of a shoe fetish.  I LOVE SHOES.  I have since I was a little girl.  A bit of background… while I am not a big woman, my feet WERE.  When I was in 4th grade, a mere ten years old, my feet were the same size they are today – an average size 7 – for a woman, that is…My dad always told me how he “loved big feet.”  And it wasn’t until I was a mother myself, that I realized how gentle and kind he was.  I always felt good about myself — and my big feet! 🙂

If you’ve noticed, most of my blog’s “Header” pictures showcase a bride AND her shoes.  I think shoes make or break an outfit, and there is NO more important attire than a bride’s. On KK’s wedding day, I’m going to insist her photographer take a few photos like the one below.  I love this style of picture.  We are going to have to purchase some special shoes…




The shoes in the picture above are spectacular.  The look like fairy princess shoes.  I bet they pinch, though.  Although open toe shoes are not always the most flattering, they are much more comfortable that the lace confection above.



Okay…I’d take a little pain to wear the next pair with the roses on the heel.  Gorgeous.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more feminine shoe.  And isn’t that what a bride’s all about?



Want a pop and a flash?  Then the hot pink shoes from are for you.  A bride could have a simple, tailored dress, but these shoes would make any dress fabulous!



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Two Wedding Dresses?


Can’t make up your mind?  You want a romantic ball gown type wedding dress…no!  Wait!  You want a sexy, slinky affair…The answer to your conundrum…Why not have both!  Do what the celebrities do…wear a dress for the wedding ceremony, then another for the reception.  Unless your budget is unlimited, however, you will need to be conscience about the price point of both dresses.  Two wedding dresses?  You’re sure to drive your mother mad!  Choosing one dress is hard enough…So what are the advantages beyond a simple style statement?  Comfort for one.   I was very surprised at the weight of Maggie’s dress, and it had no heavy beading or bling.  Throw a bustled train in the mix, and she was carrying around a lot of extra weight.  One could argue, though, that she was burning calories just by walking around and greeting her guests.  🙂

I love the dress in the top photo.  Even though it’s short, it screams “Bride” in its light, airy feel.  What about the dress below?  I envision that this bride wore a big puffy, romantic ball gown for her ceremony, but wanted to “kick it up a notch” for the reception.  She is projecting a sophisticated air in this gown.  And the black and cream bodice and train lend a nice splash of color.

Other advantages to wearing a “reception dress”?  — additional photo opportunities.  Just think, the bride has more poses to make, a different silhouette.


If a bride does go the ‘two wedding dress route’, I think she’s wise to stick with white, black or a combination of the two.  The next picture is adorable, and still lends a festive air.  I bet this bride will be more mobile on the dance floor.  A definite advantage to a reception dress.


The last picture is elegant.  I’m not sure I’d encourage one of my daughters to wear black to her own wedding, but this girl looks lovely.  What do you think, readers?  Would YOU spring for two wedding dresses?




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Blue Wedding Shoes !!

Today begins a series on colored wedding shoes.  There are so many choices out there!  Women love shoes…women love weddings.  Put the two together, and you have adoration.  I wore white shoes for my own wedding, but if I had to do it over again, I’d wear blue.  Blue wedding shoes …I love the look.  You can use a variety of shades of blue.  Maggie wore a pale blue pair – see below.

But the color doesn’t HAVE to be a pastel.  You can make a bold statement like the next shoes.  So what if they aren’t in your color wheel for your wedding colors?  They’re BLUE – perfect for the old rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.









Not into heels?  What about these flip flops below —  they’re blue!  Not really to my taste, but I bet the bride would remain cool for a summer wedding, and could dance up a storm in them.



Or the shoes below…quite bridal with the white AND the blue…  🙂  Comfort must be a number one priority for the bride who wears these.



I love the shoes in the next photo.  While they appear to be white…they DO have blue ink on the soles.  I’m guessing she had her bridal party sign them?  Maybe her maid/matron of honor snuck them out of their shoe box and had the attendants sign them before the wedding to surprise her?  Food for thought…I really like this idea… Remember to use a permanent marker, and preferably one that has a fine tip – more room to write!



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Wedding Disasters


Wedding Disasters – the stuff of little girls’ and grown women’s nightmares.

The recent storm, “Blizzard Colbie” that slammed the Northeast last week, highlighted the fact that a bride can not plan for every possible disaster – tiny or catastrophic.  One does the best she can – but sometimes…life just happens.  I think the bride above is planning for the worst case scenario – either that, or she is very very hungry and is not considering skipping a meal.  Really…the bib is good idea, but not sure I’d have the guts to wear it.  Wonder if she’ll wear it at the dinner reception…



The above picture is of Hurricane Sandy – what a devastating storm.  The weather can always play a factor in a bride’s day, it rained on Maggie and Rob’s wedding day, but Hurricane Sandy was an extreme weather event.  Who can plan for that??



Pets can also play a part in potential disaster, note the photo above.  My only question…Why is this dog at the reception unleashed?  Looks a might ‘staged’ to me.  I HAVE heard of a true story where a cat got his mistress’ veil and tore it to scraps — wait…that was Beverly Cleary’s teen novel, “Fifteen.”  Loved that book… But it could happen… A situation like that is when one is called up on to improvise.  In “Fifteen” the super crafty “mother of the bride” shortened the veil, and guess what…it was JUST the modern flair that the bride had wanted all along…

I highly recommend assembling a “Bride’s Emergency Kit” for possible MINOR disasters.  If you’d like some tips on items to include, you can click on the following link and read my blog post on the subject.

You can hope and plan for the best, but if something minor occurs to upset your big day…remember, it will make a great story in years to come…  🙂

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