Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet



If you want to preserve your wedding bouquet, you need to plan ahead.  Before your wedding, choose the method you would like to use to preserve your flowers. There are several.  According to, (click on the link below is you want to read the entire article), the simplest is the “Press and Frame” method.  This is quite easy to ‘do it yourself.’  You just press a few blooms from your bouquet and display them in a frame.

Another method is the “The Shadow Box or Glass Dome.”  This allows you do display flowers from your bouquet in their original form.  If you choose this style, it is not one to do yourself.  Contact a reputable preservationist.  You will want to have them selected with their contact info so you can have a reliable friend or relative ship your flowers to them asap – probably while you are on your honeymoon!  Remember to have a box available to ship to the preservationist – or they may even request you send it in a type of temperature controlled box.  If so, it may be something they provide, and you will need to have it on hand before the wedding.

You can also check with the florist who provided the flowers for your wedding.  Maybe they offer a preservation serve.  This will save on the cost and hassle of shipping.

I had certain blooms from my bridal bouquet professionally preserved after my wedding thirty-one years ago.  They held up beautifully for about 25 years.  They began to look a little shabby at that point.  Then one day I knocked the glass jar they were housed in off my dresser.  It was a sad day…But in all reality, it save me the gut wrenching decision of whether to keep them or not.  Flowers can last only so long.  Unless they’re bronzed…  🙂 Which is not a bad idea, either…





mainphoto-flash  This link offers some vendor sites.

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New Wedding Cake Trend





There’s a new wedding cake trend …the bride uses her bouquet as her cake topper!  The photo above, shows how this new cake style is designed.  There is actually a bowl type opening for the bouquet handle to rest in.  Some cakes even offer a shallow vessel within the opening to hold water — keeping the flowers fresh.  This creates other issues…What does the bride use to”Throw Her Bouquet”?  I imagine the florist could provide an additional bouquet – but everyone would KNOW it was not the original…  Another drawback, the bride’s cake topper, (i.e. her wedding bouquet), could NOT become an heirloom.  Both my daughters plan to save their own cake toppers and offer them to THEIR children when they marry.  I think it’s a lovely tradition.  Remember moms out there, though…your vision of the perfect wedding may not be your daughter’s…or even more sensitive, your future daughter-in-law’s.


The photo below is Kathleen’s cake topper.  Her future mother-in-law gifted her with it at KK’s engagement party.  Maggie’s mother-in-law also presented her with a cake topper at HER engagement party.  I think we have a new tradition…  I would have loved for the girls to use ours…but I did not choose well.  Our cake topper was an adorable fabric bride and groom – but it did not hold up well through countless corporate moves, and plain old age.  A crystal or china piece is a much better selection  – provided you pack it for storage well.







What do you think, readers…do you like the concept?  Or will you opt for the more traditional?  You really can’t go wrong…but keep in mind what may look best in photos.


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How To Preserve Your Wedding Cake


Do you know how to preserve your wedding cake? The tradition of eating the top layer of your wedding cake on your first anniversary is at least as old as my great-grandparents.  Some bakers now offer a “free” separate top layer to save.  You must store it the right way, however, or it will NOT be a delicious experience.  We must have done a decent  job of storing our top layer, as I know my husband and I ate it, and I don’t remember it being awful…  Luck must have been involved as much as expertise.

It was very easy to preserve the top layer of daughter and son-in-law’s wedding cake – we’ll have to wait a year to see if my system worked, however!  The only thing you should do in advance is make sure you have a very large Tupperware-type round bowl – about 18″ across and 6″ deep, a board to set the cake on, plastic wrap, foil —- and this is the most important part — room in your freezer!

The above photo is my own daughter’s wedding cake

Step #1 – Choose someone reliable to commit to preserving your top layer.

Step #2 – Safely wrap and preserve any cake topper you may have used.  Hopefully, the future generations would like to use it.  I love how the groom’s mother chose a porcelain ornament so it can be handed down.

Step #3 – The experts say to freeze the cake 30 minutes to 2 hours ahead of the process.  I think this was recommend because some cakes are frosted in butter cream and thus the frosting is not firm.  I did freeze the cake for about an hour, but as Maggie’s was covered in fondant, and I don’t think I needed to.

Step #4 – Whatever you choose to set the cake on, whether it be a plastic cutting board, a piece of wood, or cardboard, wrap it in foil to protect the cake from tasting like the platform.

Step #5 – Cover the cake in 2 layers of plastic wrap.

Step # 6 – Then cover the cake in 2 layers of foil.

Step #7 – Store the whole think in the Tupperware Bowl and freeze.  Don’t forget to “burp” the Tupperware to get the air out!  This will preserved your cake for up to a year.

Initial info was gleaned from: Susannah Chen –, although I tweaked it as I went along with my own supplies

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Image credits:  #1 Lisa Thibodeaux

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Fake Wedding Cakes


Would you consider a “fake wedding cake” for your big day?  What are “fake wedding cakes”?  you ask.  It’s simple, although as a mother of a recent bride, I had been unaware of this option until I watched the TV program, “Shark Tank” the other night.  It’s simple.  The cake is formed of styrofoam rounds decorated in fondant, (edible icing), or “perm-icing” (non-edible icing).  gives a great explanation on how it’s done.

The plan is to “Display the ‘fake cake’ ” at the reception, but serve other desserts to the guests.


The  American TV show, “Shark Tank” gives ‘wanna be’ entrepreneurs the chance to pitch their products to venture capitalists. The bakers on this particular episode presented the “fake wedding cake” option, but with a twist.  Their cakes had a secret compartment which would face the bride and groom.  They would “pretend” to cut the cake.  The secret compartment would be filled with any type of white cake and icing, enough for two, enough for the bride and groom to feed each other.  Then the cake would be wheeled to the “kitchen” where servers would then cut sheet cake and serve the guests.  The rental, “fake cake” would then be shipped to back to the company.

I maintain this is not a real money saver. By the time the “fake wedding cake” rental fee and sheet cake are factored in, it could cost almost as much as a real wedding cake.  And really…do you think you’re going to fool your guests?  And on top of that, the bride and groom would not have the “top” layer of their cake to preserve and enjoy for their first anniversary.  If you’d like tips on how to preserve the top layer of YOUR wedding cake, check back soon  and read “how to” on my next blog post!


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