Wedding Traditions

Ever wonder about all those old fashioned wedding traditions?  Where did they come from, and what do they mean?  I think most are charming, and as a young bride, I used most myself.  I stumbled across a great article, “Wedding Traditions Explained” from

This cute article explained how they came about, meanings and old-time nostalgia.

Why do brides wear a garter?

Bridal garters are traditionally precious love tokens with magical properties.

One of the most outdated. Most of my brides are opting not to wear the traditional ornamental garter or have their grooms “toss” it to their single male friends

Why does a groom carry his bride over the threshold?

It was once believed in Medieval Europe that a bride was vulnerable to evil spirits, particularly through the soles of her feet! So, her groom would carry her to safety into their new home to avoid bringing any ghouls with them.

My groom carried ME over our threshold! 😍

Why do brides wear a veil?

Rather than being to conceal her face from her soon-to-be husband, brides traditionally wore a veil in ancient Rome to disguise themselves from evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness.

Love the veil!  Although many brides forgo it these days, a bridal veil delicately covering her is the ultimate in romance and bridal mystery.   Above, my daughter.

Why is rain good luck on your wedding day?

Although it might not feel like it, rain is traditionally associated with good luck on your big day. But why? Rain supposedly symbolises fertility, with the superstition being that couples will have a baby soon.

A great photo op! Although rain is not ideal, outdoor photos can be more flattering without blinding sunshine.

Something blue

Blue is traditionally associated with love and fidelity, which is why brides have a ‘something blue’.

This is a particularly fun tradition.  There are so many options in incorporate the blue color.  My favorite? Blue shoes. Below… daughter Maggie’s.

Stephen Wang photos


The Timeless Teapot – A DIY Dream Item

You have a wedding DIY decorating item just sitting around in your home.  “I DO?”  You say. Yes, it’s the timeless teapot.  Most people have at least one, many have more.  I myself collect them, and have more than I should.  They can be used in so many capacities.  And teapots remind us of warm and cozy times – think little girl tea parties or a hot comforting beverage.


The most common use of a teapot is that of a floral vessel. It’s the perfect touch for a “Tea Party” themed pre-wedding event.  Some lovely examples are the photos above and below.  The lower photo is from my daughter’s bridal shower.  All you need to create a similar item is florist’s foam, a pair of scissors, blooms, and a little water.  Oh…and some talent.  This pretty creation was made by my uber talented friend, Debbie.

I love the tea set below with all the violets.  Violets, that most fragile flower, is my favorite.  I had a gorgeous little “Going Away” posey to wear on my going away suit at my wedding.  The posey had to be pinned onto my suit lapel with it’s own water reservoir. The flowers are very delicate and need to be hydrated.


One can even rent teacups like the ones below from a party supplier for a “tea thememed” event.  I love the eclectic look of the one-of-a-kind cups below.


Above is a display of a couple of my personal teapots from the “tea themed” Bridal Shower my daughter hosted for her sister (my oldest).  They hold no flowers, but they are works of art as stand alones.

One can carry the “tea party” theme even further, by assembling guest favors such as the one below.  The pink package is a tea bag personalized with my daughter’s name and the date of her shower.  The straw is honey, and the mini teapot is a kitchen measuring tape.  The chocolates…well, they just go well with tea!  🙂

What Do You Know About The Edible Flowers On Your Wedding Cake?

What do you know about the edible flowers on your wedding cake?  Well, first of all, you need to decide if you wish to have edible REAL flowers or edible sugar flowers.  I am in awe of the flowers below.  No…they are not real…but they are just fabulous.  And look so authentic!  One can also opt to have regular NON-edible flowers on your wedding cake, but I vote for the works of art I’ll show you below…

I found these lovely works of art on Instagram.  In case you’d like to follow: the Instagram name is @flowercake_t.atte  They also have a blog, the link is:

And what about the next cake?  Even the “embroidery” is edible!  I truly don’t know how it was done!  The two photos below are of one of my daughters’ cakes.  The cake was not  inexpensive, but not outrageous, given the beauty.  Do you live in the New England area and are interested in a similar cake?  The baker is “Cakes by Lilly“.  Just click on the link.

Stephen Wang Photos

Stephen Wang Photos

I don’t know how Lilly, or the other bakers, do it.  I do know Lilly’s flowers were made of spun sugar.  The time it must take, I can’t fathom.  Is it worth it?  Many brides these days are opting to skip the wedding cake. I think this is a mistake.  I love tradition, and the wedding cake is a big part of wedding tradition.

Want to preserve the top layer of your wedding cake and eat it on your first anniversary?  I know how to do it!  It really is fairly simple, just make sure you have the supplies before the wedding.  It makes the process so much easier.  Click on the link, and you’ll be directed to a previous post on how to freeze your cake.

Repurposing Wedding Flowers


Could there be anything better than repurposing wedding flowers for those in need?  Jennifer Grove founded a company, “Repeat Roses”, that does just that.  A long time friend sent me a link to Jennifer’s company.   There are  2.25 million weddings a year in the US, with each wedding generating 400 to 600 pounds of trash each. Needless to say, that’s a lot!  What exactly does Jennifer’s company do?

Well, they collect the flowers  from your wedding that you don’t want to save, and arrange to have them distributed to nursing homes for the residents’ enjoyment.

From Jennifer’s website:

  • Service is available nationwide.
  • Service is currently available for events taking place July 1st or later. We recommend scheduling your event as far in advance as possible in order to insure a spot on our service calendar.
  • For social event and wedding pricing, service fees begin at $750 and are based on the size and scale of your event’s floral plan.
  • For corporate event pricing or information regarding regularly scheduled importer, wholesale, grocery or business pickups, please contact Alexa Ambrose (


Apparently, this service isn’t cheap, but what a lovely idea.  A win-win, I say!

just look at the joy on the faces of the ladies above and below.  Who doesn’t love flowers?

A lovely quote from one who knows…from the repeat roses website:

“A lot of the patients shared memories that flowers brought to them from their own life special events. Some residents mentioned that they did not receive flowers for a long time and it made their day. You brought a holiday to their home and hearts. ”

— Veronica, CenterLight Health System

And listen to the joy of giving from a recent bride who used this service:

“Pure joy is right!! Thank you for this email, I’m so happy with our decision to use your services and I will be recommending you to every bride I know! ”

— Newly married Jessie Friedman, upon receiving her photo delivery confirmation email showcasing how her gorgeous wedding flowers from her celebration at the iconic Rainbow Room were whisked away, restyled and, within hours, delivered to a local women’s shelter in NYC to share the love.

I love this idea, and hope to use it for my next daughter’s wedding!