Who Will Walk You Down the Aisle?

Who will walk you down the aisle?  There is a new trend in town…many brides are opting to have BOTH their parents walk them down the aisle.  This is a great honor, and quite touching.  My thoughts, as ‘Mother of the Bride’? I didn’t do it with my first two daughters, and don’t plan to with the last two.  While this is a purely personal decision, I think a ‘mother of the bride’ misses an iconic moment in her life, and that of her daughter’s, if she doesn’t watch her little girl make that life changing march.

Would you want to miss either of the photos below?

Patty Cloherty Photos

Hannah Rachael Photos

I’m not saying to miss the fun “Mother/Daughter” photos, because they are to be cherished, but perhaps before or after the cermony?

Stephen Wang Photos

Hannah Rachael photos

I love the image below.  This bride’s father and step-father put their daughter first and created a united bond to escort her down the aisle. This is love.

The point can be argued that the “mother of the bride” can enjoy her daughter recessing UP the aisle with her new husband.  I agree, but there is just something so tender about the iconic combo of the bride and her father.  But then some brides are not lucky enough still have their dads in their lives.  This creates other issues, and yes, stress.  And you, the “MOB” must do whatever it takes to make your daughter comfortable and happy.  Hasn’t that been your job all her life?

DIY Floral Photo Booth Frames! 

DIY Floral Photo Booth Frames! With the high cost of weddings these days, we’re ALL looking for ways to save money.  I ran across a great tutorial form FTD on how to create these gorgeous photo booth frames. Saving money doesn’t have to equate lack of beauty.  Sometimes, it just means a little elbow grease and following directions.
You may want to research flowers and their history to choose meaningful symbols for your events, important whether you are creating a frame for a wedding, shower or other event.
I’ve included a few examples below, and simple step-by-step instructions, but I encourage you to visit the website listed below for full instructions.


  • Medium to large frame
  • Gold craft wire
  • Styrofoam
  • Fresh flowers & greenery
  • Optional: twinkle lights, ribbons, metallic confetti


  1. Take the frame of your choice and secure the styrofoam with the gold wire to the corners that you wish to cover with flowers.
  2. Trim flower stems so they are short enough to stick into styrofoam, but not long enough to extend too far out past the edge of the frame.
  3. Add flowers and greenery of different sizes to completely cover the styrofoam. This also creates visual texture and dimension that will stand out in your photos.
  4. Finish off your frame with a few fun add-ons like ribbon or metallic confetti. Hang your frame or pass it around and voila! You’re ready for a celebration to remember!



Thank you to the lovely Alexandria Heinz, Community Outreach FTD, for her generous information and support.

Do THIS At Your Wedding…

Want to know the best tips to follow at your wedding?  Do THIS at your wedding…

If you send a “Save the Date” to a guest, you must send a wedding invitation. If you’re unsure about whether or not to invite someone, skip the “Save the Date”.  You can always invite them later. Likewise, if you invite a lady to your bridal shower, you must invite her to the wedding. This is just being a gracious bride.

For a guide about  whom to invite to your wedding, click on the link: Wedding Guest List


the knot.com

Ah…the “Plus Ones”  This can be a minefield for you when planning your budget, and seating chart.  It can also be a source of anxiety for your guests.  Be very clear on your wedding invitations.  If you are only inviting a single person, his/her name, “Mr. John Doe” goes on the outside envelope with “John” on the inner envelope.  I highly recommend the two envelope invitation option, as it helps clarify exactly who is invited.  Sometimes people will not keep the outer envelope, and then not know  whether they have a plus one or not!  If you are giving a guest a “Plus One”, the outer envelope says, “Mr. John Doe” and “Ms. Jane Smith”. The inner envelope will say, “John and Jane”.  There is no confusion this way. Not sure of your guest’s date’s name?  Outer envelope, “Mr. John Doe”, inner envelope, John and Guest.

Patty Cloherty Photos

Shoes… If you must wear the high heels for the ceremony, GO FOR IT!  But consider something comfortable and cute like the Kids below for the reception!  You’ll be glad you did.

Hannah Rachel Photos

Love the heel savers below for that damp and soft grass at the ceremony and/or reception!


Although it may seem like a little thing, try to keep your bouquet at “belly button” level.  This will insure it’s admired, but not the focal point of your entire ensemble.

Eat.  I can’t say this enough. Eat breakfast, eat before the wedding, eat during the wedding.  Make it a priority. You’ll enjoy the day more, and definitely the day after. 🙂

Hannah Rachel Photos

Inexpensive Alternatives to Expensive Wedding Flowers

Inexpensive Alternatives to Expensive Wedding Flowers … While your floral budget is not your largest wedding expense, it is not insignificant either.  What are some fun, cute and reasonable ideas?  Read on…

Above are paper flowers, made by a dear friend of the bride.  She must be a VERY dear friend. Imagine what work that went into these beauties!

“But this is just a wedding cake,” you may say.  Yes, yes it is. But if you choose to have a wedding cake, and not all brides do these days, consider having it be a focal point. This can be a lovely decorating item.  One way to make it a focal point?  Order a cake that is larger than you need, and include some spectacular decoration. This was my daughter, Maggie’s, wedding cake, gifted to the bride and groom by her generous mother-in-law. Photo by Stephen Wang

What about candles?  Not only are they pretty in the daytime, but standouts, literally, in the evening hours.

Daughter number one, Kathleen, cherished spending time with her grandparents in California. One way she honored her history, and her family, was to incorporate oranges as her ‘escort cards’.  And yes, they came from the tree in the photo above in her grandparents’ yard! Above photo: Hannah Rachael Photos

Sometimes decorations are just staring you in the face.  Don’t discount the natural beauty of your venue!  Love the lighthouse and flowers above.

Don’t forget your own crafty side! Brides from two of my weddings created these adorable props.

The above photo is another example of a crafty family member (mother of the groom).  She created a beautiful vase with a wine bottle, a little spray paint, ribbon…and nothing more in it than beautiful, yet inexpensive, baby’s breath.

And while not particularly inexpensive, I’m sure, I love the above fruit carving.  Remember, think outside the box, and you’ll come up with some great innovative ideas.

Photos, with the exceptions of #2 and #6, by Mary P. Karnes