Decorate Your Wedding On A Budget!


So you want to decorate your wedding on a budget?  You CAN do it, and it CAN be beautiful.  The photo above incorporates the bride’s color scheme in a fun festive manner…but the lanterns are relatively inexpensive.  Paper lanterns not up your alley?  Consider using the natural landscape beauty of your reception site.  The beach photo below needs no decoration.  It’s loveliness stands on it’s own.


Maggie and KK are fortunate with their wedding venues.  Both have attractive features on their own which necessitate little or no additional decoration.  Maggie’s venue, The Wadsworth Mansion, (pictured below), had beautiful furniture, draperies, paintings and hearth decorations.  We added floral centerpieces.  KK’s, The Pavilion At Crystal Lake, has a different type of beauty.  It sports a rustic theme with a tiny lake and beach, gazebo, and a barn-type structure.  It was just KK and Tyler’s style…lucky!


Would you like to add a little ” pizazz” to your decorations?  DIY projects are an economical way to go. You can assemble them ahead of time to help you decorate your wedding on your budget.  I love the photo below.  This could be a center piece or an accent item placed at strategic locations (think guest book stand or wedding favor table).


I think I saved the best for last…I just LOVE the centerpiece below.  It is so whimsical, delicate, and well…just plain pretty.  The bowls could be purchased at a bulk rate price, and the roses could be obtained from a local florist at a reduced rate.  You could request blooms your florist would have deemed not pristine enough for a floral arrangement – but perfect to float the heads of roses in a bowl!

My best advice – check out wedding blogs for ideas, (like mine!!  :-), and pinterest —-then plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the process of making some DIY items.  It really can be fun!




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Let’s Talk Wedding Shoes!



Second to your wedding dress and veil, the bride’s wedding shoes make the greatest statement.  You can go for comfort, or style…or somewhere in-between.  I think you may notice there’s a theme in this blog post… I like colored shoes.  I like a bit of flare.

I wore plain white pumps.  No embellishment, no sparkle, no flash.  Maybe that’s why I so like the panache of a little color.  (Do you know how hard it is to find white shoes in the winter?  – We were married in January, and I put off getting my shoes till the last minute!  I purchased them at South Coast Plaza, Orange County, California – in the third week of December.



click on the link below to see this wedding shoe for $ 22.99 from amazon.

V-Luxury Womens 32-LARISA39 Round Toe Flat Ballerina Ballet Shoes


The crowds, unbelievable.  I knew Kenny truly loved me when he offered to drive me and stuck by my side the entire trip…except  when I tried the shoes on, of course!  He hated shopping then, as he does now…somethings never change!  🙂

If I had been smarter, I would have purchased my shoes at the bridal salon where I got my dress.  If I recall correctly, however, they were too “flashy” for me at the time.  NOW look what I think is beautiful!


KK has the cutest idea for her wedding shoes.  I wish I could share it with you, I will after the wedding…but can’t yet.  She is incorporating comfort AND style.  She has a bit of a shoe obsession…

Wedding-Shoes-Evin Krehbiel

There is no need to buy your shoes at a bridal salon.  There are so many options out there on the internet.  But be cautious…if you order something from an on-line store overseas…you may be out of luck if you need to return them.  I ordered a bridesmaid dress from such a retailer.  Even though they said they had a “return policy”- they didn’t.  They would not accept my return – and the dress was faulty – they wanted to “remake” it, plus have me order five more…really?!?




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Will You Have A Groom’s Cake?

  1.  groom_cake_129.218194653_large
     Will you have a Groom’s Cake, and what IS it?!?
    From Wikipedia:

    “Groom’s cake is a tradition most popular in the southeastern United States that began during the Victorian era, inherited from Britain.[4] By the 1890s, the groom’s cake had become a popular complement to the “lady’s cake.”[3]Traditionally, the cake was cut by the bridegroom and served with wine to the bridesmaids before going to the church.[3]Groom’s cakes never became particularly popular in England, but in the Southern United States, the practice of having two separate cakes became very popular, with the bride’s cake being light and the groom’s being dark.[3] Groom’s cakes are traditionally served at the wedding reception but can also be served at the wedding ceremony. It is usually considered proper for the groom’s cake to be served separately from the bride’s. Traditionally, groom’s cakes are chocolate and are often garnished with fruit. Many are decorated to reflect the groom’s hobbies, such as golfing, fishing, or hunting.

    By the middle of the 20th Century, a competing custom incorporating both cakes on the same table had arisen. The bride’s cake would form the base, and the groom’s cake would be mounted on top. The bride and groom would cut the cakes and then give pieces to each other to eat.[3] The cakes would then be served to the guests.

    One tradition was to cut a piece of the cake and put it in a small box, then present the box to an unmarried woman attending the wedding.[5] The woman was not expected to eat the cake, but rather to put it under her pillow. Superstition held that this tradition would help an unmarried woman find a husband.”

    I remember the first wedding I went to as a little girl of four.  I don’t think I was presented with a piece of groom’s cake, but I WAS sent home with a little box with a slice of wedding cake in it.  And YES, I did put it under my pillow, as my mother told me I would dream of my husband…Did I??  No, I slept the sleep of the very young, closing my eyes, and opening them ten hours later, as if just a moment had passed…

    I think the tradition of the Groom’s Cake is charming.  From the research I’ve done, it appears more often than not, to be a novelty cake.  While the top cake looks luscious, and is quite different from the traditional white wedding cake, most of the “Grooms’ Cakes” are themed based.


I really like the wedding dress/tuxedo theme of the two cakes above, but my favorite is the cake below…I think it’s perfect for Tyler and KK.  Both love to fish, and I think it would be a delightful addition to their menu.  Rob and Maggie didn’t have a groom’s cake.  For another guest dessert option, they picked macaroons, (a sentimental choice for them), and other various pastries.





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A Beautiful Alternative to the Sand Ceremony



First it was the unity candle, then the sand ceremony.  What is a sand ceremony?  you may ask. Well, according to the website, “How Stuff Works”, (see citation below), it is:
“At its simplest, a sand ceremony involves a symbolic blending of two different-colored sands into a single vessel. The meaning is clear: The blending of two different beings, the bride and the groom, into a single, inseparable unit that is theirmarriage — the joining of their lives. Hard as it would be to separate out those grains of sand, that’s how difficult it is to separate these two people. It usually takes place after the exchange of rings and vows (although it can go before or even during), and lasts just a couple of minutes.”


But people, especially brides,  are always trying to be different, unique.  A forward thinking company came up with a new idea…that of providing a bride and groom glass beads that they can blend together at their wedding ceremony.  The beads are then shipped back to the company in a prepaid box to be made into a beautiful, colorful work of art. The hope is that it will become a priceless family keepsake.  Please see the description below from the company’s own website.  Be forewarned, however…their pieces of art do not come cheap.  The bowl below retails for $ 539.00 US Dollars.  That is a mid-range price.  A few are less…a few more.




Unity in Glass™ has taken the unity ceremony to the next level of artistic expression.  Unity in Glass is an extremely thoughtful and lasting alternative to a sand ceremony or a unity candle. Together with you, we create a work of art to remember your wedding for a lifetime.

“With your custom made Unity in Glass sculpture, vase or bowl, you are taking the Unity Ceremony to the next level of personalization and artistic expression. As a lasting alternative to a unity candle or a sand ceremony you are creating a symbolic, highly personal, one of a kind art piece for your home. The process is collaborative and captures your spirit. You’re working together with a highly skilled glass artist to create a work of art that will last a lifetime. You will share the story of your special day for years to come.”

Will KK and Tyler do this…keep reading to find out!  🙂