Wedding Gown Trains!

Wedding Gown Trains!


When I started researching wedding gown trains, I did not realize there were so many options…and I’m “Mother of the Bride”!  Thanks to Jenny Evans at, I gleaned much information.
First up, is the “Sweep” or “Brush” length train.  It is most often less than a foot and a half long.  This train just dusts the ground. It became popular in the 21 st century, and is the perfect compliment to the relaxed rustic type wedding that has become popular in the United States.  It would fit right in a “Barn Wedding” theme.
The next length is the “Court Train“.  It, like the “Sweep” train, extends from the waist, not the hemline.  This style can hide a brides imperfections around the waistline, or hide a tiny waist – so give this option some thought.  It can change your silhouette.
Panel Train” – This is not part of your dress.  It’s a about a foot wide and trails behind you.  Some brides choose this unconventional, flowing option instead of a veil.  In this way, the bride achieves a billowing effect without covering her elaborate hairstyle.  This train is usually detachable.

The Watteau Train is worn from the shoulder and drapes down to the bottom of the gown’s hem.  It also is usually detachable.
Believe it or not, there are FOUR other train styles, which I will tell you about next time.
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Decorate Your Wedding Chairs


What about those chairs?  Oh, there are so many things to consider, and the seats where your guests will witness your ceremony can be a huge focal point.  Don’t forget to decorate your wedding chairs!  Note the photo above.  I love this and if your wedding is on a tight budget, you can enlist a trusted friend or relative to untie these jars after the ceremony and use them as reception centerpieces!  I’m sure there are mason jars available in multiple hues that would compliment your color scheme.


The photo above with the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” reception chairs is adorable.  I didn’t think to do that for Maggie and Rob – but you can bet that I will for KK and Tyler.  See — there is an advantage from your mom gaining more experience in wedding planning!

The chair with the mauve covering is designed for chairs that are rather ordinary, and need a little sprucing up.  Who’s to say they all have to be the same color?  Maybe each table could sport the same type of decoration, but each table could have their own theme and coordinating color scheme…food for thought…


The silver chair below is similar to the type Maggie and Rob had (only their chairs were in gold).  I really  like the soft flow of this chair decoration.  I think it would be better suited for just the head table, however.  Can you imaging the work that would go into decorating 200 to 300 chairs in such a manner, and then dismantling them?


Decorations aside…remember to have chairs scattered at meaningful spots around your reception, i.e., by the toasting site, the cake cutting location, and dancing area, for those guests who are elderly or may be recovering from an injury…or may be just plain tired from all the festivities!


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Unique and Beautiful Wedding Bouquets


Of course you want a unique and beautiful wedding bouquet.  It’s what every bride wants.  But how far are you willing to go to be different?  Would you consider any of the options on this page?   If I had it to do all over again, I might consider the top bouquet made of succulents.  These lovely plants are native to the West where I was born and raised.  I think it would be a nice tribute to my roots.  But that is NOW.  When Kenny and I got married 31  years ago, my mind-set was on soft and romantic – which the succulent bouquet is not.

Another option is the origami bouquet below.  Please read the included blurb from  If you click on the link, you can check out the instructions on how to DIY.  I think one would have to be quite talented for this creation…but the cost would be low, especially if you make it for the bride and all her maids.



“If you have been searching for a unique and alternative bouquet to carry on your wedding day which doesn’t use fresh flowers, then this might be the perfect pretty option! Something which you (and even your bridesmaids) can keep well after the celebrations!” You can read the full feature at:



What about the giant white rose bouquet above?  It is definitely original…made out of rose petals with a rose in the center to look like a giant rose.  Not sure it strikes my fancy…


The seashell bouquet above is the most interesting, one of a kind I have ever seen.  I bet few guests would have seen one like it.  Soft and romantic it is not…


My favorite bouquet is the last.  Made entirely of broaches, it is unusual and impressive.  Inexpensive it would not be, but the bride would not have to worry about costly preservation!


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The Honeymoon!




Don’t worry…even after the let-down of the life aterning excitement of your wedding, you still have something to look forward to…the Honeymoon!  These days, the trend seems to be tropical.  Just as weddings have become more lavish, so have honeymoons.

When Kenny and I got married, he booked our Honeymoon through a travel agent – imagine!?!  With the advent of the internet, your options to check prices, virtually visit the venue, comparison shop and get customer reviews are endless.  Something is new everyday.

I think the best option for a young couple who has the monetary means and time, is an all-inclusive package.  Because you know, even with the best of budgeting, vacations costs are always more than you expect.  If you go the “all-inclusive” route, you know at least your airfare, airport shuttle, hotel, meals and bar tab are covered.  Keep in mind, that most likely there are excursions/sight-seeing options that will be an additional cost – but I bet you can go on-line and get a price menu for those. This will help you stay on budget.

All- inclusive packages are also a way to ensure you are grouped with people of your same age bracket.  Maggie and Rob went to Jamaica on such a package, and they enjoyed seeing the other young marrieds at their resort.  I wouldn’t be surprised if KK and Tyler choose this option.

At the very bottom of this blog is a chart with likely expenses.  Notice many would be covered in the all-inclusive.

Some couples might choose to delay their Honeymoon until they have saved funds for such an adventure.  This is not a bad idea, as it gives the bridal couple something else to look forward to.  Kenny and I did that. We went to San Francisco for a long weekend right after the wedding, then enjoyed a week in Mexico six months later.  It was a better time in the calendar year for us, and we had time so “Save Up.”



Whatever you decide…I highly suggest resting the day after the wedding, then starting your Honeymoon.  You’ll be glad you did.






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