2107 Wedding Trends

What are the 2107 wedding trends?  Please enjoy a partial reprint from the  article: weddingshoppeinc.com

“With the renewed interest in Cuban culture thanks to our newly restored relationship with the nearby island, we’re going to see its influence all over next year’s fashion, including bright, tropical colors galore and flowing flamenco-style frocks. The Cuban-inspired color scheme (dubbed La Isla by the fashion trend forecasters at the recent MAGIC convention) boasts deep purple, turquoise blue, tangy tangerine, bright coral, sunshine yellow, flirty fuschia and leafy green amongst its rainbow of colors – all the makings of a super-fun and carefree wedding color palette. Stick with the theme for food and drink with Latin-inspired cuisine and delectable rum-infused cocktails.



The next big thing in wedding florals? No florals at all. Instead, we’ll see simple arrangements of leave, branches or palms – lots of greenery with minimalist vibes. For a more dramatic effect, consider incorporating a canopy of greenery that hangs high above guests’ heads.



Check those smartphones at the door. Over the past couple of years, we’ve experienced a good deal of backlash over the technological takeover, with disengaged wedding guests and professional shots ruined by seas of cell phones. In 2017, we’ll see couples opting for disconnected (or at least somewhat disconnected) weddings. Like a cocktail hour, couples will opt for a cellphone-free hour, requesting that guests keep their phones tucked away from the start of the ceremony through the first dance. Yet others will choose to go completely dark, requesting a 100% phone-free soirée. Sayonara, social media!



As the world becomes more and more socially conscious, we’ll see charitable donations replace wedding favors. In lieu of the traditional favors, couples will leave guests with notes letting them know that the funds allocated for favors have been donated to their favorite charity.”



The New Wedding Garnish – Fruit!


fruit cake RGW


What’s old is new again…there’s a new garish in Wedding Town — fruit!  While fruit has always been a staple in the wedding world, is has gained a more prominent position as of late as a focal point.  Think about it, almost any color scheme you choose for your wedding, there is an accompanying fruit and color to go with it!  Or maybe you want to include many colors?  That’s just the approach the bride used for the above cake.  I love how she used fruit to garnish her cake instead of flowers.



“Fruit Carvers” are becoming the hot new vendor.  They are true artisans.  And unlike ice sculptures, these gorgeous fruit carvings won’t melt!  While the above fruit display is lovely, the bananas are a little too brown for my taste…

Do you really want to incorporate fruit?  How about a fruit bouquet like the one below?  While pretty, I’d be afraid it would stain my lovely white wedding dress, or those of my guests, who wanted to give me a hug with my bouquet in hand!



Are your wedding colors pink or red?  Then the raspberry cocktail and display are for you!  Just make sure the berries are purchased last minute – nothing worse than over-ripe berries…unless too ripe bananas  🙂



Apparently, my daughter was ahead of the curve when she chose home-grown California tangerines are her “Escort” card holders.  My mom and dad shipped over 200 tangerines from their neighbor’s tree for her to use. As the shelf life isn’t over long for these lovelies, we were very fortunate to have had few casualties.  I highly recommend a consumable like the tangerines for escort cards…always good to have a dual purpose – a name holder AND a tasty snack.



Above two photos: Hannah Colt Photos

Metallic Wedding

Would you consider a Metallic Wedding ?

I attended my first “Webinar” this past week.  It was sponsored by “The Knot” for their vendors.  I qualified as a ‘Wedding Planner’.  It was interesting, and I did learn a few ‘up and coming 2106 trends’, but with social media today, nothing is completely novel.



That being said…one new focus that impressed me for this wedding season is the “Metallic Wedding”.  Not sure I’d be bold enough to try it for my own, or for one of my daughters, but it sure is pretty!  And there are so many options.  Just look at the metallic wedding cakes above.  I have always viewed the wedding cake as part tradition, part dessert, and part decoration.  In fact for my own daughters, cakes were purchased to serve more guests than we had, just so it would be a “statement” piece.  These two lovelies above definitely fit the bill.  And what’s so nice about metallic, you can mix and match the different metal tones, gold, silver, gold, rose gold, all to an enchanting outcome.



And what about these dresses?  I KNOW I would not be daring enough to deviate from the traditional “some sort of shade of white” for MY wedding dress, but they are gorgeous.  But maybe your bridesmaids??  The metallic hues lend such an air of sophistication and formality.  Maybe not the best choice for a spring/summer barn wedding?  On a personal note, I think I would want my bridesmaids to be dressed in something that was more strikingly different in color from my gown.  Vain…maybe.  🙂



Want just a little splash of metal to sparkle up your attire?  How about the headpiece below?  This is perfect because it would look great with your veil, and excellent on it’s own for the reception – an instant new look for the ‘party’!



Using shades of metal for your table can either tie your whole look together, or be the perfect accent.  Have fun with it!



New Wedding Trends For 2016


New Wedding Trends For 2016.  What’s new and what’s new AGAIN! According to www.glamour.com, there are several new wedding trends that we can look forward to in 2016.  A few… I have already mentioned in previous posts. Click on the link for more info.  Wedding Trends 2016 Part I

Above Photo: Photographer: Jessica Hill Photography.

One of the biggest, the backless wedding dress!  Do you like it ladies?  I’m not sure…I think it would depend on the bride’s age and body type.  Remember…just because a style is “In” doesn’t mean it’s right for you!


image: Lady Kitty Spencer Instagram

‘Dress As You Like Bridesmaids’  I love this look.  I first mentioned it in my ‘The New Bridesmaid‘ post.  If you’d like to read it, click on the link!  Not only would it be a money saving factor for the bridesmaids, it would also give them the option of choosing a style and color that best suits them.



‘Brunch Weddings’

A GREAT idea.  It seems like the evening black tie affair may be a thing of the past. New wave weddings may feature brunch events.  Another money saving option!  The cost of the meal may be reduced, venue fees less, and I’d imagine guests would partake of fewer alcohol beverages.  If you’d like to read about more money saving ideas for weddings, click on the following links: Wedding On a Tiny Budget, Wedding On a Tiny Budget – Part II and Wedding On a Tiny Budget – Part III

‘Cascading Bouquets’

What’s old is new again?  When I was married 32 years ago, bridal bouquets were more like the above photo.  When my two daughters were married in 2014 and 2105, the more rounded bouquet was the ‘go to style’.  According to www.glamour.com, that is passé.  Above is my own bouquet.  Below it’s featured along with my handsome groom.  🙂