DIY Wedding Favors


Photo creds: Hannah Colt

Make cute DIY Wedding Favors, and you may feel like this!  (The three lovely bridesmaids above are three of my four daughters, left to right, Julia, Tess and with her back to us, Maggie).  Even though ‘Money Saving Tips’ recommend the bride ‘do away with wedding guest favors’, most guests expect them.  Guest Favors can really eat away at your budget…unless you come upon an economical idea.  I have posted preciously about some viable options, click on the following links if you are interested in reading more…. Wedding Favors With Heart, Wedding Favors, New Ideas, New Wave Of Wedding Favors, Wedding Favors – Wow!


If my photos are sideways to laptop users, my apologies.  They should be upright for mobil/tablet users.  Sometimes I have these issues with my mobil photos.  🙁

I came across the cutest project over the holidays.  My cousin, Kim, cook, baker, and crafter extraordinaire, made them for her granddaughters’ teachers’ Holiday Baskets.  As a side note… get this — she made 67 baskets this year!  Yes.  You read correctly…sixty seven baskets!  Each basket, among other things, contained 4 DOZEN homemade cookies, homemade jam, and one of these reusable coffee cups with a Starbucks gift card inside.  But the ‘piece de resistance’, is the home crafted coffee cup cozie.  Yes, she made each and every one of them.  They are composed of pre-quilted fabric and are attached by the cute button shown.


Each is reversible, as long as you don’t mind the button being on the inside — I don’t!  🙂  I chose the lavender themed fabric, but she had many to choose from.  I think this would make an adorable wedding favor, especially if you had a fall or winter wedding.


Just think…you could serve hot chocolate or hot spiced cider in the cups, (Starbuck’s gift card optional), and then the guests could keep the cozy.  Saving the cup could also be optional.


Some coffee establishments offer a nominal discount on their coffee if the customer brings his/her own cup.  Another plus!

If you’d like to visit my cousin’s cooking blog, (you can start the New Year right with some great low calorie recipes), click on the link: Kim’s blog  Happy New Year!

Wedding Favors, With Heart




Wedding Favors, with heart.  Let’s face it.  Weddings in the last 20 years have gotten out of hand; from “requesting” our guests wear wedding attire probably not in their closets, i.e., long gowns for women and black tie for men, to the wedding favors.  I know, I have bought into it to as “Mother of the Bride.” as well.  My girls’ weddings were far more extravagant than when my husband and I  married 32 years ago.

Recently I have run a couple of posts about wedding favors.  They are all the rage now, and most weddings offer them, whether simple or extravagant.  But yesterday, I heard about a bride’s gift to both her beloved uncle and her guests.  It was the perfect favor, and I hope it catches on.


Image the lovely bride in the photo above wearing… a “Livestrong” silicone wrist band like the one in the top photo.  Not only did did SHE wear one, but all her attendants did as well.  Why?  Because her favorite uncle, and expert cyclist, had been a warrior against cancer.  He fought the good fight…and WON!


Now maybe the bride’s colors were this vibrant yellow, like the wrist band, but probably not.  It’s not a very popular color for weddings.  And I think it would stand out even more if it were not. Just think…the bride was dressed in her vision, and yet, still sported that band.  But she didn’t care.  It was a show of support.  A celebrate of her uncle’s life, just like her wedding was a celebration of her own.


And what was the surprise waiting for the wedding guests at their dinner place setting? Yes, you got it. Each guests’ favor was their own “Livestrong” bracelet, and a card which informed them that the bride and groom had made a donation in their name to the American Cancer Society.  Clic on the link if YOU’RE interested in donating.

What is so wonderful about a favor such as this is that if can be any legitimate charity, any cause dear to the hearts of the bridal couple.  I love this, and hope to see more of their type of generosity.





Wedding Favors New Ideas



Found on

It’s time for another installment of ” Wedding Favors New Ideas !”  Wedding favors would be the last place I would spend my budgeted money, but if your funds allow, here are some great ideas.


I have long been a fan of the consumable wedding favor.  You enjoy it at the time, and then…it’s gone.  We all have cluttered lives, at lease I do any way, and who wants to add more?  These cookies above look delectable, and I bet the wedding had a nautical theme.

Photo: Gemma & Andrew Ingalls



Desire something a little longer lasting?  Then this sachet is for you!  Not only will it make your guests’ drawers smell nice, it won’t take up much room.


Photo: Marion Heurteboust

The spoon above is an adorable keepsake, but I bet it didn’t come cheap, and would be another item to clutter your drawers…


Photo: Smitten on Paper

Another consumable!  I love this hot cocoa and smores idea.  You guests could have an entire dessert one night…on you!  I’m sure they would reminisce fondly of the wonderful time they had at your wedding.


Bread and Jam. Photo: Kate Harrison

Of all the favors in this post, I think the jam and bread one is my favorite.  And the wedding couple even personalized it by stamping their names and wedding date on the bread bag!  You could even cut the cost if you knew someone with culinary talent, like my cousin Kim, who is a FANTASTIC COOK!  If you’d like some great recipes, just click on the link and you’ll be directed to her blog.  Kim’s Blog


Delicious biscotti’s. Photo: Wildflowers Photography

Another treat for your guest to enjoy post wedding: biscotti!  I personally would love to partake of such a sweet the morning after the wedding.

If you’d like to read the whole article from where much of this info was gleaned, click on the link.


New Wave of Wedding Favors


As my daughter, Kathleen and her fiancé, Tyler’s wedding approaches, my mind is on wedding favors.  Although we have chosen our guest favors, I am always on the look-out for a ‘ New Wave of Wedding Favors ‘.  Who knows, I just might stumble upon something unique…




I think it’s aways a good idea to have a consumable for your departing guests.  I think I’ve spoken to this theme before.  I must feel strongly about it.  Really, how many tokens from other people’s wedding can you store?  Give your guests something to eat, they’re happy, (at least I would be…). and it’s ‘one and done.’



Love the top photo with the decorated cookies.  I have an inkling that they taste as good as they look, which isn’t always the case.  And the ‘pie-pops’ in the next pic…yum!  I think these just may be my favorite favor on this post!  What a darling idea.  Maybe you want to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after the wedding.  Then the next favor is for you!  Not only would it be a delicious treat post-wedding reception, but it’s pretty, which is a big factor in your gift-giving selections.  Yes, you want your guest favors to taste good, and/or be functional, but optimally, it’s all about the look.  You want ‘all things pretty at your wedding’.


Which brings us to the last two favors, which are beautiful.  I love the flowers.  Imagine, a posy for each guest.  Something to remember your special day for a week or so, and then, no worries about ‘what do I do with it?!?  Or how about the rock candy below?  You could choose either an assortment of colors for your guests’ selection, or a single color to match your theme…But then…how can you go wrong when you are giving someone a gift? 🙂new-wedding-favor-ideas-009

Photo #1

Photos #2-5