The Fifty Shades of White




Ha!  Did that get your attention?  🙂

According to, there are five shades of white that are most commonly used by wedding gown designers.  To quote her:

“What are the Many Shades of White?

The names given to colors can be confusing. Here are some of the most commonly used names for white, which are standard in the industry:

Stark White or Bright White

The purest, starkest white almost glows, and is particularly striking against dark skin. It is also the most difficult shade to wear, as it can drain the color from fair and medium skin tones.

Champagne White

This is a beautiful white with a slight pink undertone. In photos and low light, it looks nearly white but adds richness to olive or sallow skin. A slightly deeper version of this shade is sometimes called Rum White.



There is a great deal of variation in shades of ivory, which is the most universally flattering hue for brides. Be sure to hold a color swatch of any ivory next to your face to see how it plays against your skin and eye color. Some have creamy, warm undertones while others have a slightly pinker tint. Eggshell is one of the lighter shades of ivory.



This is a somewhat deeper shade of ivory with a beige-cream undertone. The name refers to the fact that it is meant to appear white under candlelight. It’s especially fitting for evening weddings, when its richness and depth will be set off to best advantage.



The deepest shade of ivory available, ecru borders on tan or beige. The name refers to the unbleached or raw color of linen. If you are looking for something that is less traditional and has some depth, ecru is worth trying out.”


Ok…You now know the names of the “Fifty Shades of White”(well, really only about 5), …but what’s best for you?  It’s important to remember, not all designers have all the white color choices for the gown you have picked out.  Sometimes they only have two or sometimes three of the above shades.  So now the question…Do you choose your dress first, or the shade of white you want?  My advice is – chose the dress first! That is how we chose KK and Maggie’s wedding dresses.  They picked the dress, and then chose the color that best fit their skin tone from the available options.

A quick lesson on what might look best on you?  To quote again:

“If you have very fair skin, a warm shade of white with a touch of yellow in it will add some warmth and a glow to your skin. A stark white will only wash you out.

If you have sallow or olive skin, whites with a pink undertone (sometimes called cool whites) will balance things and give you a fresh, dewy look. Shades to consider might be champagne or rum white. You can also wear silk white, which is slightly less stark than pure white.

If you have medium skin that is pinker or has blue undertones, try some of the creamier ivories and whites. These have a rich yellow undertone that will keep you from looking too flushed and red, and will complement your complexion.

If you’re a dark-skinned bride, almost any shade of white will look lovely against your skin. The only exception may be if you are dark-skinned with olive undertones—in that case, try to steer clear of yellow-ivory shades.”

50 Things to Know About Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress: Everything You Never Thought to Think About Your Dress

Don’t stress about it too much…I have never seen a bride that wasn’t beautiful!
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Is This KK’s Wedding Dress???


Is this KK’s wedding dress?  Maybe yes…maybe no….All I can tell you is that it is KK in the photo…I have to say, I love the “Sweep Train.”

From an earlier post, “Wedding Gown Trains!” (click on the link if you want to read the post) I noted that the “Sweep” or “Brush” length train “…is most often less than a foot and a half long.  This train just dusts the ground. It became popular in the 21 st century, and is the perfect compliment to the relaxed rustic type wedding that has become popular in the United States.  It would fit right in a “Barn Wedding” theme.”   Which fits in nicely with the outdoor, natural style KK and Tyler have chosen.

Purchasing a wedding gown, I have discovered, is much like buying a car.  OBVIOUSLY, the dress will not be anywhere near the sticker price of a car…but I have learned that wedding gown negotiations are alive and well.  Take for example, Maggie’s negotiations with the Grand Dame of all Bridal Salons, Kleinfelds.  Click on the following link, “Kleinfelds, Part II” if you want to read the blog post.



KK found a couple of dresses she liked.  When we got home from the bridal salon, I google them.  The salon was spot on as far as the MSRP was concerned.  But there were a few on-line stores, (which had legitimate store-fronts, I checked!), that offered the sale of the same dresses with perks.  #1, order from an out of state store on your own, and have it mailed to you…no sales tax, and free shipping.  This would be a significant savings…but that’s not all!  I ask you, do I sound like an informercial now, or what?!?

#2, If you purchased the gown, (the same exact gown, no knock off, I confirmed…), from the out-of-state store, you would receive a $500.00 credit from their store/website for such things as bridal shoes, undergarments, guest books, champagne flutes, you get the idea.  Sounds like a pretty good deal…but I still have questions, so many that we’re not going to take advantage of this GREAT deal…

So…what do you think of the RED wedding dress???


















Image #1 Mary P Karnes photo

Image #2

Image #3


Kleinfelds, Part II

Kleinfelds, Part II

To the left is a picture of my four daughters, from left to right, Tess, KK, Maggie, ( the bride THIS time around), and Julia outside of Kleninfelds, NYC.

Klenifelds was decorated beautifully for Christmas.  You can see a few details behind the girls.  The small room immediately behind the them is the vestibule before opening  into the larger, grand waiting area – where you see the wreath hanging on the wall.

So…back to the dress experience.  It was a little anti-climatic.  After all the emotions surfacing from the sisters, and yes, MOM, we were all exhausted.

“Are you going to say yes, to the dress?” Our consultant queried.  I always counseled the girls: “If you’re hungry or tired, don’t make a decision – especially if it’s a big one.”  And with the Karnes girls, we are hungry all the time.   And this time we were tired too.

Maggie still on the fence. So she asked, “Can you take my measurements please, and I’ll call back this week with my decision?”  We were pretty sure we had a winner.

Our sweet young consultant became a horrified woman.  “Oh no!” she hissed.  “Kleinfelds does NOT operate that way!”

I was hungry too…”Look,” I said more harshly than I intended.  “We really think we have the dress picked out, but we’re exhausted,” (I left out the hungry part), “and it took us 5 hours to get here.” (A little exaggeration, but she didn’t have to know that). “And I’m not making a ten hour round trip just for measurements.”

“Wellllll,” she drew out the word.  “I’d have to ask my manager to make an exception.”
“OK,” I responded.

Long story a little shorter, they made the exception.

Maggie called Kleinfelds a few days later with her choice, and negotiated an 18% discount.  She’s not my daughter for nuttin’…  I know, 18% is an odd number.  When she was negotiating, the initial response was, “Kleinfelds does NOT operate that way.”  Well…apparently they do.  And 18% of the price of a gown is substantial.