Are You That Edgy Bride?

Are you that edgy bride?   The one who does everything just a little differently? Is your wedding the time, OR the place to lay that out for all to see?  Well, that depends on you.  Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to YOUR wedding.  As long as you are kind, think of others, and are respectful, it’s your day!  Do as you wish!  Ok, that was a pretty


broad statement, ‘be kind’ and all that.  What I’m referring to, is taking others into consideration.  For example, if you’re having a large party of bridesmaids, and you’re considering excluding just one future sister-in-law, don’t.  Add her in.  Your friends will come and go, but family won’t.  OR…do not stick a guest at a table where she’ll be uncomfortable just because you had a tiff before the wedding…

But when it comes to your dress, your colors, your menu —


it’s all about YOU!  There is no wrong, just your desires!  That being said…a few of the featured dresses on this post were posted for shock value.  I know few brides who would choose them, and even more importantly, who could pull the styles off.  One would almost have to be a 6′ tall model to do so.


But really, aren’t they spectacular?  I think the one above would work for a destination beach wedding!  In fact the top three photos appear to be on a beach.  And I’d have to say…they’re better than Pamala Anderson’s white bikini!  🙂  Now that comment was for women of a certain age.  Perhaps some younger brides do not remember her, OR her beach wedding. But to slightly older ladies, it’s iconic.


Perhaps a bit of color?  Now THIS is bold…  According to “Brides Magazine, 14% of all brides would consider a colored gown.  And a few more interesting facts from “Bride’s Magazine” — 18% of all brides find their dresses on-line.  And…only 1% of all brides purchase their dresses at a Sample sale.  I was surprised at that figure.  I thought it would have been much higher.

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Front of the Dress…or Back?



Front of the dress or the back?  Where will you choose to place your emphasis?  When you select your wedding dress, some component of it will be making a statement.  Will you want it to be on the front of your gown or the back?  When I was married almost 33 years ago, I chose to have the back of my dress be the “wow” factor.  Was it a big “WOW”?  No…but I liked it.  It was the era of the bow.  Remember that, ‘ladies of a certain age’?


I was married before Fergie, (then, HRH, The Duchess of York – now, just plain old Sarah, Duches of York.  She lost the HRH, style and “The” before Duchess, when she divorced Prince Andrew), so one can not claim I was a copy cat with the bow.  But I’m pretty sure “the bow” was a common fashion statement. After a tiny nipped in waist, (I was a petite little bride), my dress had a massive bow in back.  I loved it.



The advantage of a “Statement Back”?  Your guests get to admire it during the entire wedding ceremony, and it makes for fabulous pictures.


But what if you go with a dramatic front, like the ones above and below? Well, then your guests get to admire you all of your wedding reception.  I do believe the dress above is a little daring for a bride, but who am I to judge…


And this applicae number above?  Well it is nothing short of a work of art.  Would I choose it for myself or one of my girls?  No… I tend to favor the more traditional.  But that’s the wonderful thing about weddings.  There is no right or wrong, just your vision…

Printed Wedding Dresses

Printed Wedding Dress ?   Yes, according to “The Knot’s” recent webinar targeting 2016 hottest wedding trends, printed wedding dresses are the hot ticket.  But then…if you’re getting married in 2016, you better already have your dress.  Shall it be a continuing trend for 2017?  Only time will tell. I’m not sure what the draw is to a printed wedding dress.  Although the photo below is GORGEOUS!  But maybe as a bridesmaid’s dress, not a wedding gown?


It doesn’t say “Bride” to me, and this isn’t a World War II rationing era, where you just may want or NEED to wear your wedding dress again.  But it’s the latest rage.  Or are designers TRYING to make us think so?


Instagram, Lady Kitty Spencer

Looks like the South Africa wedding where Lady Kitty Spencer, (niece of Diana, Princess of Wales), was a bridesmaid this year was ahead of the curve.  The bride in the center of the above photo is wearing a printed gown.  But except for being in the middle of the picture, what defines her as the bride?  No white gown, no veil.  Is this the point?  I enjoyed being the center of attending and HOPEFULLY standing out at my own wedding. And I truly believe most brides do.


The bride above would surely stand out, however, in this bold print, especially if her maids were dressed in a solid pale color.


Maybe if you want to choose a printed gown, your pick could be something like THIS photo.  The bride’s gown is white, but its floral flare is three-dimmential.  I rather like it!  Not sure if I’d have the guts to wear it, or that I’d support, whole heartedly, the choice for one of my daughters, but it IS stunning!

While lovely, I don’t think this trend will have a big impact.  Sometimes…women just put their feet down.

Two in One Wedding Dress

Two in One Wedding Dress — Why buy two when you can buy just one? With the great extravagance weddings have taken in the last twenty years, is it surprising that brides want more than one dress? One for the wedding ceremony, and one for the reception? If you’d like to read about the bride who desires THREE dresses… click on the link: Three Wedding Dresses


As with anything, the more an item is desired, the more options become available. When my daughter, Maggie, was married two years ago, the choices for a 2 in 1 weren’t as plentiful as when my oldest was married last year. Kathleen had no desire for a “convertible dress” but Maggie’s head was turned by one.


There was one particular gown that she was drawn to, in fact we went to see it a couple of times. It had a very slim silhouette with appliqués, and an off the shoulder neckline, that looks amazing with the best strapless bra that will allow her to wear this dress. Lovely, just beautiful, but not quite proper for a young woman, an ingenue if you will, in a church wedding. But wait… it had an exquisite filmy glossier overskirt for the ceremony. I never would have believed that they were separates if I hadn’t seen it removed myself.


Both combinations looked gorgeous separately and as one. It’s definitely something for a bride to consider. I have seen similar dresses to these in a Chicago wedding boutique I visited a few weeks ago. They were stunning!


The dress above is my favorite of these photos. I adore the full, delicateness of the “skirt” AND the edginess of the cocktail type dress. Because, hey, you want to move, dance and have a good time at your reception, don’t you?


Feeling a little edgy? Maybe you may wish to choose a gown like the one below. Still bridal, but with the lovely pale shade of just a hint of color. And the convertible dress really does look like two different gowns. Maybe the key to the perfect gown is white on top, and color beneath for the reception??