Wedding Charitable Donations

Wedding Charitable Donations  – Want to do something to make your wedding not “All About You”? There are actually many options.  A family member who lives in the city, (NYC), recently told me about a wedding couple he had heard about.  The couple LOVED pizza. In fact they loved it so much, they decided to have a pizza truck cater their reception.  Such a cute idea.  They chose the three hour package, but then took a step back.  They wanted to do something to “give back” on this most special of days. So they called the pizza truck company back and booked it for two more hours – but with a twist.  They told the company after their three hour reception stop to drive to a nearby soup kitchen, and serve those in need of a meal for two hours.  How terrific is this???





Another wedding I heard about supplied “Live Strong” bracelets for the wedding guests as favors. Each bracelet purchased has a percentage go to the the “Live Strong” charity.  Love this, and the guests did too!

Another thoughtful idea was showcased at a recent wedding I worked.  The bride and groom chose to make a sizable contribution to “Juvenile Diabetes” research in lieu guest favors. What a brilliant idea. Guest favors are just fluff, really, and the wedding guests could walk away and feel good about their “contribution”.  If you’re viewing this on a mobil phone or tablet and the photo below is sideways, by apologies.  Sometimes this happens when creating a post on a desk top.



If you’re interested in supporting one of these worthwhile charities, either at your wedding, or in anther fashion, fantastic!  Just go on-line and google one.  Every charity has a website, and can be of assistance on how to go about a large contribution.

Photos # 3 and #4, Mary P. Karnes

Rustic Centerpieces

Rustic Centerpieces …


We all know that rustic is ‘in’ for weddings.  I think it’s a combination of a sense of fun, ease for wedding guests, and a sensitivity to wedding costs.  If you go with a rustic theme for your wedding, many DIY options are open to you.  First and foremost, are the flowers.   The are most often a wedding’s main decoration, and care should be given to ensure they fit your style and theme.  The first photo is a gorgeous bouquet and it appears that some sort of game is part of the arrangement.  Ooohh…I love the opportunity to win something.  Everyone does — this is a fantastic idea. It really doesn’t matter what the prize is… people like to win!


And to be beautiful, you don’t have to spend a lot, as evidenced by the arrangement above.  It mixes the delicacy of the baby’s breath with the sturdy comments of the mason jar and canning jar.  Perfect.


The teacup arrangement would work for a rustic wedding OR a bridal shower.  I am very partial to teapots AND cups…  🙂


Above is a centerpiece decoration from my oldest daughter, KK’s, wedding.  The centerpieces were professionally made, courtesy of the mother of the groom, but KK and her husband, Tyler, made the glow jars.  And the bottle of EVO, which accompanied our meal… just a nice addition.


And in the final photo, an arrangement from a summer family wedding.  They were perfect and created by the bride’s sister.  I’m sure a florist couldn’t have done better…

Photos #1, #2, #3

Photo #4 Hannah Colt

Photo #6  Mary P Karnes

Last Year’s Wedding Blooper…

Last Year’s Wedding Blooper…My second daughter, Maggie, was married to her high school sweetheart last June.  It was a beautiful wedding. Both Maggie and Robert, her husband, are highly motivated, organized, and just “together”.  As they were getting married right out of college, Maggie was living at home during the wedding planning process, and I worried little about the details.  She took care of them all – well, they both did.  Rob was also very involved in the wedding planning.







The morning of the wedding went well.  We were on time for our nail and hair appointments – not always the case with the Karnes girls…  Imagine my surprise when Maggie called me and said, “Umm, Mom, I think I’ll come home for a little while before I get dressed at the hotel.”  My ‘mom antenna’ went up.  “Why, Maggie?” I queried.  (We had plans to meet our photographer at the Glastonbury Hilton to do a pre-wedding shoot) “Well…,” she hedged.  Out with it, I thought.  “I want to grab my passport,” she confessed.  I knew at that moment we had a problem, a BIG one.  As I was home, I volunteered to begin the search.  Now let’s just say, I wasn’t dressed, hadn’t applied my makeup, hadn’t given any time to the younger girls, but hey — my hair and nails were done.  🙂  No passport.  (Why this was so chilling, was because Rob and Maggie were due to fly out at 8:00 AM the next morning for Jamaica!)  I called in the troops.  Kenny got on the phone and began calling government agencies to find out the process for obtaining an emergency passport.  (Remember the wedding was on a Friday).  “No problem!” he was told.  “Just get here, (an hour away), by 4:00 PM today and we’ll issue your daughter another passport!”







It’s about 12:30 PM now…the wedding was at 2:00 PM.  By this time, I had a pretty good inkling where the passport was, but there was no getting it before the flight time the next day…Check back tomorrow, and find out if we have a happy ending…or not…


Courthouse Wedding Ideas


No one says you have to go all out and have a major bash for your wedding.  What about a “Courthouse Wedding?”  There are many advantages, number one being the low cost to either the parents of the couple or the couple themselves.

There are rules/protocol to follow, however.   According to, there are many:

“Court house weddings are best suited for couples who are planning to either marry secretly or spontaneously without enduring the hassles of planning for a wedding. These weddings are not elaborate as a normal wedding. Marriages are conducted in a simple way with few friends and family members present.

The courthouse venues are also very small and can accommodate only friends who will also serve as witnesses. It is necessary that you know how to have a court house weddingthe laws and the regulations that govern such a wedding and also the requirements.  Counties might differ in their requirements although the basic necessities and rules remain the same throughout.


All types of marriages have to be registered, including court house weddings, in the office of the registrar. If you are planning for a marriage in your residential state then apply for a license in your local county office. In case the marriage will be conducted away from the home state still you need to apply in the county house of your state.

An identification proof is required, which can be your social security number, driving license or any other proof that has been issued by a federal office. A fee for availing the license has also to be submitted with the application form. This fee varies from county to county. Usually, the fee has to be paid in cash. Other requirements include documents that support the dissolution of the previous marriage. Some of the counties require the submission of blood test reports for particular ailments like Thalasemia and HIV. A witness might be needed to be present at the time of submission of the application form.


This is the period between the submission of the application and the issue of marriage license. The waiting period is usually three days in most counties. You can also cancel the application within these three days. Once the license gets issued you are free to marry within one to six months of the date of issue.

Once all the requirements have been arranged for, look for a witness who is above eighteen years of age. Submit your marriage license to the registrar and proceed with the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the witness, registrar and the couples need to sign the marriage license for certification of the marriage in the court of law.”


And remember, there are lots of beautiful dresses that are more in keeping with a courthouse venue.  Just notice the ones above!  And if you desire a dramatic photo to immortalize your day, you can always choose a scene like this blog’s last picture…