KK and Tyler’s Reception Venue



I have yet to unveil my daughter, KK and Tyler’s wedding reception venue on THIS blog.  So…drum roll, please…They will be holding their wedding reception at the Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT.  It is absolutely perfect for them.  They wanted a outdoorsy, rustic feeling and this delivers.  .  And…it’s on a lake with a tiny beach.  If you check out KK’s wedding website, you can see how a lake ties into Tyler’s proposal… I’m very excited.  All photos on this blog were taken on site.  Let’s only hope we can have a spectacular sunset like the one above!



In the next two photos, you see the dance floor and table settings.  As with any wedding venue, the bride is able to choose linens to go with her color scheme.  Flowers, from your choice of florist, will complete the vision to customize your look.  Will we choose to use the fairy lighting in the pictures?  I can’t tell…I do think it adds a nice romantic feel.


Notice the fabulous wood-sided walls.  It give the barn feel both KK and Tyler coveted, without the barn.  The main building has all the amenities so as to not inconvenience the guests for everyday necessities.  I thought at one time of choosing particularly  gorgeous venue, but it was quite out of the way and would require port-a-potties.  While sometimes this sacrifice is worth it, I just couldn’t see it, especially for a bride…


The local scenery at the ‘Pavilion on Crystal Lake’ is not limited to a nice gazebo and tiny lake.  I love these gorgeous mature trees.  But once again, pictures as gorgeous as these will be dependent on the weather.  Even IF it doesn’t rain on KK and Tyler’s wedding day, if it has recently, it would be far too muddy to take advantage of this beauty.  Ah…the trials of living in New England…  🙂

photo creds: Connecticutweddinggroup.com

Your Grand Departure


A bride’s Grand Departure…If I had it to do all over again…I would arrange a very romantic, scripted departure from our wedding reception.  I would leave about an hour before the band was due to end — almost everyone was still in attendance then.  I would have the guests follow us out to our waiting limo and throw birdseed… the environmentally friendly alternative to rice at the time.  There are so many other options out there now for rice alternatives. But for Kenny and me, this would have raised a few logistic glitches.  We were staying at the hotel were the reception was held… where would the limo take us?  🙂


But then again, we would have missed a few of Kenny’s friends dancing on the tables at the very end of the evening… yes, we had a tasteful, classy affair, but at the end…fun was to be had…

As a bride, you plan so much for your special day, don’t let your wedding end on an uncertain note.  Be bold, let everyone know you are on your way to your new life.  Make your exit one to remember. See some pictures below for just a few rice throwing alternatives: champagne bottle shaped bubbles, flower petals, colored confetti, sparklers, and even leaves, birdseed and herbs…although I don’t have a picture for that!



I think the flower petals are the most striking, beautiful send-off.  And the pictures, well, the one above is just gorgeous.  The colored confetti below lends a festive air as well.  Think of all the photo ops if you chose either style.


The sparklers are certainly celebratory.  As KK and Tyler’s wedding is July 3rd, I think sparklers will be a must!!


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Family Style Wedding Dinner



What’s old becomes new again…and this is the case with a family style wedding dinner.  In days of old, weddings were not the grand affair they have become today.  Two people decided to marry, join their families, create their own.  Yes, a celebration took place, and it was a party.  But really…no one


cared if bubbles were blown, sparklers flashed, or butterflies released when the bride and groom made their get-a-way.  Nor was the emphasis on guest favors, chocolate fountains, or photo booths…photos booths?



But weddings, maybe because brides are always looking for a new angle, are constantly morphing.  Weddings are circular. I’ve noticed some new trends, that are really not new at all, but from my generation or my mother’s.  One example is the “all the rage” rainbow color scheme for the bridesmaid’s dresses.  Maybe what’s “IN” for weddings NOW will be in fashion when my grandkids are getting married.



I LOVE the family style ‘wedding dinner table’.  Of course if you have a large guest list, you can’t seat EVERYONE at the same table, but you could try…  Instead of 24 tables of 8, just think 5 of 40.  If you go this route, consider an outside reception.  More room for those LONG tables…



You CAN accommodate long family style tables indoors, but an outdoor affair will make the arrangement feel less cramped.  And what about the food?  How is IT served?  Well…just like it sounds…family style. Dishes are placed in any free space in front of guests at the table, and they in turn take their own serving and pass the dish along.  Brides who have used this arrangement claim it lends an immediate air of intimacy and camaraderie.  I think it just sounds like a party.  🙂





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