The Prosecco Van

Brides the world over are always trying to find the new and different way to set their nuptials apart from the masses.  The UK has a new trend… According to the Bubble Brothers Website:


We started the Prosecco Van concept back in 2015 and have been traveling around the UK with our little Ape ever since.

We’ve served at hundreds of weddings and private events and have also poured bubbly by the glass to thousands of people at festivals all over the country including the inimitable Glastonbury.”

The team even has a second option: the “Bubble Bike”!

“The sidecar-bar has been modified into a sparkling wine bar serving ice cold bubbly on tap, straight from the barrel and chilled to perfection on pour. The neat size of the Bubble Bike means that it will fit into most event spaces, both indoor and out, so is an ideal alternative to The Prosecco Van for those venues with space restrictions.

The Bubble Bike is a truly unique addition to any wedding, party or event so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.”

I’m not sure if we have something like this in the states, but we should have!  I think brides and private parties alike would love this concept.  And what makes it more special than, say, waiters pouring a little of the bubbly into guests’ glasses?  Well, the option to try different types of prosecco, and the pure novelty of it.  For example, one can order pizza to be served at their wedding.  But pizza trucks have become all the rage.  Why?  The fun!  The guests can watch the process, smell the pizza baking.  It’s more than just the food…it’s the experience!

All photos from the prosecco van website: prosecco van

the bubble brothers


Keep Your Reception Fresh

There are many ways to keep your reception fresh.  If you’re engaged, and beginning the planning stages of your wedding…do your homework.  Read blogs, (especially this one!  🙂  ), go on, take notes of things you like at others’ weddings.  There is a reason certain styles and trends are “happenin’ “.  They work, are fun, well received, and thus repeated by brides at their own weddings.


Let’s face it.  Much of wedding reception enjoyment centers around food and drink.  So take a step out there.  Try something new.  And the wedding trend for 2016 is “original” food choices. Brides all over are trying “fun themed” cocktail food items, and even serving fancy Hors d’ oeuvres as their main course.


I just love the idea.  If you’d like to read more about it from a precious blog post, click on the link: Wedding Trends 2016  Not only are brides going the “Cocktail Hour” fare for their meals, they are finding new and creative ways to present it.  Take a look at the photo below, cute, huh?  And easy to eat as well.



One can also get creative with the bar.  Just a simple thing like the chocolate liquor cups above can lend a festive air to the end of the evening.  And it serves a duel purpose…another dessert!


The bride above is doing a good job of keeping HER reception fresh.  She has opted for a “Tea Length Gown”  very vintage, 50’s.  But if you have the ankles to pull it off, and it’s a daytime affair, why not?


And one of my favorite new options making a dramatic rise is the “Two-in-One” Wedding Dress!  I love this style.  A bride can have her fairy tale image of the big ball gown to walk down the isle, and then a completely different look for the reception — all in one dress!  If you’d like to read more about this trend taking the wedding world by storm, click on the link Two in One Wedding Dress




Update on KK and Tyler’s Reception!



It’s past time for an update on KK and Tyler’s reception!  The professional pictures are rolling in.  All photos are from the most talented Hannah Colt, unless otherwise noted.  A brief word on Hannah.  She was fantastic.  She was professional, creative, prepared, came early, stayed late, and was kind — even to me, a pain of a ‘Mother of the Bride’!  🙂

The top photo and the one below are of Tyler and KK’s “Sweetheart Table” – of special note – the champagne flutes are family crystal I hope each of my daughters will use for their toasts…  I have discussed “Sweetheart Tables” in other blog posts.   If you’d like to read about them, just click on the link!


The third photo highlights the table centerpieces.  I wish I could take credit for the beautiful flowers, but Janice, the lovely mother of the groom, is responsible – with a little help from KK.  🙂  It was a real treat for me to walk into the church and then the reception and see the gorgeous creations.  It was one area of the wedding that was a surprise for ME!  I loved it.  Thank you again, Janice.


And the jar next to the oil on the table?  They are “Glow Jars”, a DIY project KK and Tyler made for the “After Dark” part of the reception.  Very, very pretty.


The next picture showcases a guest favor.  The “For Richer or Poorer” envelope, embossed with KK and Tyler’s names and wedding date, contains a lottery ticket and a shiny penny.  There were quite a few winners, and no one left their favor behind, as I’ve heard sometimes happens at weddings…


Although we had a fully stocked open bar, the bride and groom also had a “Signature Cocktail”, although not for the usual reasons.  The most common reason is to have drinks readily available for guests – but the Pavilion on Crystal Lake had an amble supply of bartenders.  They chose to have the special cocktail to incorporate the juice from the oranges my parents sent from California.  Which brings us to the next two pictures…  I believe I’ve mentioned the guest place cards before.  (If you missed that blog post just click on the following link: Place Cards.) They were made from Dad’s oranges. image

And tucked in the upper left of these photos?   The gorgeous “Card Basket” which Janice decorated.  It’s an antique picnic basket on loan from Tyler’s Aunt Janet.  Perfect for their wedding vibe!




KK and Tyler’s Reception Venue



I have yet to unveil my daughter, KK and Tyler’s wedding reception venue on THIS blog.  So…drum roll, please…They will be holding their wedding reception at the Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT.  It is absolutely perfect for them.  They wanted a outdoorsy, rustic feeling and this delivers.  .  And…it’s on a lake with a tiny beach.  If you check out KK’s wedding website, you can see how a lake ties into Tyler’s proposal… I’m very excited.  All photos on this blog were taken on site.  Let’s only hope we can have a spectacular sunset like the one above!



In the next two photos, you see the dance floor and table settings.  As with any wedding venue, the bride is able to choose linens to go with her color scheme.  Flowers, from your choice of florist, will complete the vision to customize your look.  Will we choose to use the fairy lighting in the pictures?  I can’t tell…I do think it adds a nice romantic feel.


Notice the fabulous wood-sided walls.  It give the barn feel both KK and Tyler coveted, without the barn.  The main building has all the amenities so as to not inconvenience the guests for everyday necessities.  I thought at one time of choosing particularly  gorgeous venue, but it was quite out of the way and would require port-a-potties.  While sometimes this sacrifice is worth it, I just couldn’t see it, especially for a bride…


The local scenery at the ‘Pavilion on Crystal Lake’ is not limited to a nice gazebo and tiny lake.  I love these gorgeous mature trees.  But once again, pictures as gorgeous as these will be dependent on the weather.  Even IF it doesn’t rain on KK and Tyler’s wedding day, if it has recently, it would be far too muddy to take advantage of this beauty.  Ah…the trials of living in New England…  🙂

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