Interesting Reception Venue Options

Interesting Reception Venue Options…


What about stepping outside the box and holding your wedding reception in a unique location?  That’s what a couple decided to do this past Saturday. (I coordinated the event, although they picked the venue).  They held their wedding ceremony at a more conventional site, but then chose the rather funky “Palace Theater” in Stafford Springs, CT for their reception.  What a hit!  It was cool and fun.  To make their reception even more memorable, their names were on the marque, pictured above.  (Although not in this photo, as it’s a stock picture),


Above and below are photos looking down at the guest dining area from the balcony.  I think the lighting really added to the overall ambiance.  Remember, if you have a good florist, and a creative caterer, you can make any space beautiful.  Without the lighting, tables and chairs, the theater is rather sparse, but those items worked their magic.


And below, a close up of the guest tables.  If your chairs are a little worse for wear, think seriously of chair covers like these.  They hide any blemishes, and give a formal air.  And remember, huge floral centerpieces are not needed to brighten a table.  Look how simple, yet elegant these are. The bold color against the white cloth helps achieve a “pop”.


The bride and groom continued their theme with their initials in lights in front of their wedding cake.


Below is a photo taken while standing in the balcony.  It was a lovely area for the guests to enjoy cocktail hour, and for vendors to take a few moments to relax and enjoy their own dinner when guests were dining below.


My only concern for this venue was the lack of near parking.  The theater is located right on Stafford Springs’ charming Main Street.  I had to park on the street (parallel park no less, haven’t done that in years – I did ok!  🙂  ).  Luckily the bride and groom thought ahead and most guests were bussed in.  Problem solved!

All photos, Mary P. Karnes, except photo # 1

Glastonbury’s New Boat House

imageOur great town of Glastonbury, CT recently built a boathouse/banquet center on the Connecticut River. It serves the dual purpose of banquet facility and boathouse for our high school crew team.  We had a few glitches in the beginning, namely part of the boat house was falling into the river! … but it has been shored up.


An open house was held this past Saturday, and my dear friend and co-mother-in-law, Debbie, and I attended.  I was more than impressed.  It exceeded my expectations, and I think it would be a great place to hold a wedding reception.  There’s nothing like a new facility.  And the views…well, take look!

The rental fees, while not inexpensive, are reasonable.  If you choose to hold your wedding on a Friday, you can further reduce your cost.  (Both of my daughters held their weddings on Fridays, not due to a lower cost, but due to scheduling.  The lower cost was just a perk!)  There are three preferred caterers for the facility.  We were lucky enough to try a few of their samples, and they were all tasty.  Below is a list.


I am most familiar of the Max Restaurant group, as my family and I are big fans of their restaurants throughout Hartford County.  But I would be comfortable using any of the three.


Above is a side view of the boathouse.  The River is to the left of the picture.  And what do you get for your rental fee? …  Air Conditioning, observation deck, spacious kitchen facilitates for your caterer, ample rest room facilities, complete set-up and break-down, free wifi, complimentary parking, private hosts’ room, and access tot he surrounding park grounds (which are ample!).

The picture below is a front shot of the parkinglot.  I have yet to attend an event at the Boat House, but hope I have the opportunity soon!