Wedding Ideas I’ve Never Heard Of…


There are still some Wedding Ideas I’ve Never Heard Of… this doesn’t mean you might not have, dear readers…but they’re new to me, and thus FUN!

“The Pebble Tradition – or well wishes rocks.  Have everyone hold a rock and bless it during the ceremony.   After the ceremony they place it in a vase or other container for the newlyweds to display in their home.  From :

Read on to hear how one bride describes the tradition to her guests:

“The Pebble Tradition

Water and waterways were places sacred to the Celtic gods. Ancient Celtic weddings were always held near rivers, lakes, holy wells or pools. Wedding guests were given small stones to cast into the water, with each being a wish for the couple’s future happiness, health and success.

We have chosen to revive this custom and invite you to celebrate it with us. At the reception, you will find a bowl of stones and coins (yes, this IS where wishing wells came from!) to be dropped into water. A large vase filled with water stands at the table. We invite you to drop a stone or coin into the vase and make a wish. After the ceremony we will be taking the vase home, filled with stones, coins and wishes, to keep as a centerpiece display for our home.   From:

Or you can… Post a sign such as this, and follow the directions below…




The above photo gives similar instructions to the ideas above, they are just incorporating a different guest distribution method.  I think the “Pebble Ceremony” is a charming age old idea, and hope it takes off in the wedding world. More next time…and I think I promised a blog entry about our post wedding “Out of Town and Family Brunch!”  Keep reading!  🙂


More Excellent Wedding Ideas!

Ready for more excellent wedding ideas?


Photo by She – N- He Photography and Design

I love the idea of the colored tulle netting under this bride’s dress.  It adds a bit of flare, and matches her shoes and bouquet.  Of course, one would have to choose a “ball gown”  type skirt for this effect – no mermaid gown for her!  If you can’t tell by now, after viewing my blog’s header a few times…I’m a BIG fan of brides’ shoes photos.  I’m going to be sure to have several pictures taken of my second bride’s, first daughter’s shoes…and what shoes that are!  But then when you have size 6 feet – all looks cute!


Eliza Jane Photography

Wish I had done this at my first daughter, Maggie’s, wedding…but then again, isn’t everything digital now?  I don’t know about you, but all my addresses are on my iPhone, iPad and Macbook.  But it’s a cute idea…and all the WEDDING GUEST addresses WOULD be in one spot…gifts could be added right to the address index card for easy reference.


Photo by Faithfully Focused Photography

Cute social media idea… we did this at Maggie and Rob’s wedding.  But KK has said, “NO,” for her wedding.  Passé already?  Things change so quickly…I MAY try to talk her into it…


Photo by Brooke Courtney

This is brilliant.  No matter who you are, or who is helping you plan/organize, as the “Mother Of The Bride,” you are ultimately responsible for all details of your daughter’s wedding.  No guest is going to say, “Wow, that wedding planner really messed up the details.”  If things go awry, it ill be on you.  Keep a detailed list with you in your “Mother of the Bride” bag – we’ll talk about THAT tomorrow… or better yet… ALSO put all contact info into your smart phone.

Ideas/pictures found on:

VERY Cool Wedding Ideas








Why hasn’t someone thought of these things before?  The heel savers above are terrific!  How many times have you ladies had to walk on grass in heels only to become embedded in the sod?  Not only is it potentially dangerous, but it ruins your heels with a nasty grass/mud stain!  If you have a reception venue outside, chances are likely there will be some grass involved.  And do you really want to be forced to choose a “sensible shoe,” (and possible dress to go with the shoes!), based on the lawn?  These little babies give you the best of both worlds.  Wear your finest, but still be mobil on the grass

WeddingDIY_DixieCupLightGarland8These dixie cup “DIY” lights are delightful!  Purchase an ordinary Christmas strand of white lights – consider shopping “Day After Christmas Sales” for best prices – attach the cups near the lights, and you have a beautiful, yet inexpensive lighting scheme.  Disclaimer…personally, I’m not sure of the “real world” safely of attaching paper products to an electrical component…so use your best judgement…









The wax paper backdrop has to be the most innovative thing ever!  Space is limited, so I won’t bore you with the specifics of the “how to’s”, but if you’re interested, click on the link below and get the instructions.  Supplies are:  wax paper, string, and rope.  I think it would make a lovely room divider in a large barn/warehouse type space, or a gorgeous backdrop for bridesmaids’ photos.  If the bride is wearing white, it wouldn’t be the best compliment for HER photo, however.


What about adding a hair bow to a pair of shoes the bride, (or bridesmaids!), already own and jazzing them up like the shoes above?  It could be the bride’s “something blue” or tie in bridesmaids’ shoes to the wedding color scheme.  It’s a way for the maids to wear their own shoes while still giving them a uniform look.










I think of all the “VERY cool wedding ideas” on this blog post, the “To My Groom” keepsake is my favorite.  Not sure what the bride wrote to her groom in it…but that’s as it should be…

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