How To Choose A Headpiece

How to choose a headpiece for your wedding ensemble?  The more weddings I do, the more brides I see without a wedding veil.  Perhaps because many of the weddings I’m involved with are outside?  What are my thoughts on this?  My thoughts… the choice is not mine.  Whatever a bride wants is what’s correct.  Personally?  For my own daughters?  I love the wedding veil. I think it makes a bride look like a bride.  If one chooses to wear a veil, then there are more decisions to make.  Will you have a “blusher” – meaning will you cover your face with a veil?  If so, you may want to consider some sort of headpiece to elevate the blusher on your hair and create the best possible platform.

Below is my own headpiece nestled in my veil.  I had my dress and veil preserved.  As clean as I thought my gown was, it was stained.  My veil and headpiece, however, looked great.  I was thrilled when my two oldest daughters chose to wear it, with their own veils, of course.

(If you’d like to read more about the wedding veil, and it’s history, click on the link below).

History of the wedding veil

Mary P. Karnes Photos

Below, my oldest, Kathleen, in my headpiece.  She is pictured with her sisters.  In the next photo, daughter number two, Maggie, with me, wears my headpiece as well.

Hannah Rachael Colt Photos

Stephan Wang

But maybe you need a little direction in how to choose your headpiece.  Below is an EXCELLENT chart to direct you.  When you shop for your dress, even if you think you have decided AGAINST a veil, just try one on.  The vision you will see in the mirror, with the iconic veil, just may change your mind!



What about a headpiece with no veil?  Well, I think the creation below is exquisite.  If you’re a brunette, clear stones are a great choice.  A blond? Perhaps a tiara with colored stones, or a floral headpiece.


Would you like to wear a veil, but don’t desire something on top of your head?  Then this comb is for you.  it will hold your veil in place, but not compete with your hairstyle.


And what would a post about my headpiece be without a photo of me wearing it?  Below, there I am with my husband of almost 34 years.


After the Veil – Hair Adornments


You did it…You’re married!  Now how will you wear your hair after the veil?  Most brides wish to remove their veil for the reception.  Why?  Well, the veil is delicate, and it is a perfect wedding item to hand down to future generations.  It must be treated with the utmost care.  Maybe it is even an heirloom already?


Secondly, a bride wants to be free to move, dance, greet her guests.  A long veil will inhibit her.  I left my veil on at my reception, but it was constantly snagging on things and PEOPLE.  I finally took it off, but it was an after thought and was casually treated as a result.  I recommend having a clean container to safely place it in after your formal photos are taken before the reception – and then lock it away in the mother of the bride’s car!


But I image you still want something to make you look and feel special in your hair.  How about one of these gorgeous hair adornments?  If you choose to go this route, take your “Reception Hair Adornment” to your practice wedding day hair session.  This is when you have a “trial” with your hair stylist to practice how you will wear your hair for your big day.  Remember to take your veil, and any other items like the one above.  It’s a good idea to take photos after  your stylist has finished.  This


will help your attendants anchor your veil and any other adornments you will wear on your wedding day.  Not a bad idea to have an attendant or your mom to go with you to the appointment and see first hand how she does it all, either.


And just maybe you will want to be a true traditional bride and have a short veil like the one above for your reception.  I think it’s adorable.  KK thought of this, but we finally nixed it…