The Fall Wedding

The Fall Wedding… Summer is almost over.  It’s time to look ahead to the Fall Wedding.

There are some simple things you should remember to make the most of your special day, AND to save you money.

Choose your flowers wisely, I.e., make sure you are purchasing “in-season” flowers. Your florist can advise you on this.  Out of season flowers will cost you, sometimes, more than double.  Love the flowers below.

And don’t forget the natural beauty of your outdoor wedding venue.

If your wedding ceremony or reception will be outside, watch the weather carefully.  When I think of Fall, I think cooler weather.  But that might not be the case.  You might experience Indian Summer, and have a heat wave.  Either way, think of your guests.  Cool weather, make sure hot drinks are provided.  If you DO have that heatwave, make sure  you have cool beverages to keep your guests hydrated.

Ha ha!  The guests from the wedding in the photo above made good use of the water provided by their hosts.  This cute tub was a brilliant vessel.

It’s a good idea to keep a list of your guests’ emails, and send out a weather update, especially for those coming from out of town.  They will then be able to dress appropriately.  And help them out.  If the weather will be chilly, consider blankets for your guests’ use.  And don’t forget the bride and her attendants.  The gentlemen usually have jackets to keep them warm, but not the ladies.  Perhaps a lovey cashmere shall would be a considerate bridesmaid gift.  For hot weather, how about a personal fan?  🙂

Don’t neglect to factor in time the of day.  Maybe your wedding will be after we return to standard time vs. daylight savings.  You may wish to have a lovely sunset wedding photo.  If this is the case, plan the time of your wedding ceremony accordingly.

Fall Wedding


Ah…the Fall Wedding.  There IS a reason why autumn is currently the most popular time to get married.  Why if you want your number one venue ON A SATURDAY in the fall…book it at least 18 months in advance.  Fall is beautiful.  It gives the bride an instant theme.  Even if  you are not lucky enough to life in a “Four Season” part of the country, you can manufacture an autumn feel.

Now I might have thought of a pumpkin color scheme for the bridesmaids’ dresses, but probably wouldn’t have chosen it for the bride’s dress.  I kind of like it, though…how about you?


And look at the cake above – gorgeous!  In fact this cake would fit in with any wedding style that had a peach, burnt orange color.


So many escort card/seating card choices with a fall wedding.  I love the apples above. Kenny and I actually went to a wedding where they used just these mini apples to direct us to our table.  And it wasn’t even a fall wedding!


The two bouquets above, and below are simply gorgeous.  Not sure which is my favorite.  I do think, though, that both have a less formal air than the tradition bridal bouquet.  Maybe that was the bride’s vision?



A Fall Wedding can lend itself to a country/casual air, take the invitation above.  I would imagine much of it is possible as a DIY project, which could greatly take the pinch out of the bride’s budget.  OR…look at the photo below.  This fall table setting has a very formal air.  I have mixed thoughts about the tall vases in the photo below as table decor. Yes, they are dramatic, and make quite a statement.  BUT…they make visibility around the room a challenge, as well as one for the photographer.  And in my opinion, from the weddings I have attended with them, chatting to your seat mates is NOT easier…


Let’s not forget the delicious fare you can serve your guests at a fall themed wedding.  Everyone’s autumn favorites are sure to be a hit.  Just look at the delightful table below groaning with tasty treats!


But probably the best reason to schedule your wedding in the fall…the GORGEOUS photo opps!  What more do you need in the way of decoration than nature’s own!  Neither KK or Maggie had a fall wedding.  It fit in better with their schedules to plan late spring, early summer for them.  And yes, there IS something to be said for starting your life together in the tender pale green of budding new life…


Both my girls used the “theknot” planner above. It was the best out there…and there were a lot of wedding etiquette/planning books.  Click on the link below, if interested, and check it out from amazon!
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