Beach Reception


Beach Reception —  If the weather is right, it’s a dream.  Following the beach wedding we attended this weekend, the reception followed.  We’ve had a heatwave here in New England, but the morning rain the day of the event worked to the bridal party’s advantage.  The weather was perfect as dusk fell.  Not too hot, not too cold.


Something to consider, you don’t HAVE to have a beach wedding to have a beach reception.  The beach wedding in this scenario was  perfect, we had only a 25 yard walk from the wedding to the party site.  Could it have been more ideal?  But if you really want a church wedding and really want a beach reception — why not have both?


The top photo is an example of the talented floral creation of of the groom’s mother.  Lovely!  I can’t image a florist could have done any better…maybe she IS a florist?  And really, with all the natural beauty of the ocean and beach were flowers really needed?


Rarely have I attended a wedding where the guests were so relaxed — maybe it was the ocean air and gentle breeze?  What made for such a tranquil atmosphere may have been all the various seating choices for the guests.  It aided an easy flow of guest movement.


An item to remember — the time of year is non-negotiable is you choose a beach wedding or venue — if you live in cold wether climes.  That may be one reason the fall is still the top season for weddings.  And if you want a fall wedding, and desire a Saturday night wedding date, allow yourself at least 18 months to get on the appointment books.

All photos: Mary P Karnes

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A Beach Wedding


A Beach Wedding …is there anything prettier?  I had never been to a beach wedding…until last night. It was all I had thought it would be.  I probably will never be the ‘Mother of the Bride” at a beach wedding, as Catholics are very particular about ‘a church venue’ for the sacrament of marriage – but I sure enjoyed being a guest.  (Although it is not unheard of to get a special dispensation to hold a wedding at a location other than a Roman Catholic Church)


The first two photos are of the beach – pre-cermony.  The venue was a Rhode Island Beach right in front of the reception restaurant.  Perfect!  It was very comfortable, casual, and gracious.  Wedding organizers were wise as they had a sound system for the music, officiant and reading of the vows.  Otherwise, we, the congregation, would not have been able to hear them!   The crashing waves were deafening.  One never realizes how loud they can be unless there is silence.


The above photo was post wedding.  There was a large assemblage of guests, but only a few made use of the chairs.  The rest of us stood and it was ideal.  The ceremony was short but heart-felt.  The bride was beautiful, escorted down the isle by both parents, and wore no veil – probably a good choice with the wind.


The flowers, designed by the mother of the groom, were exquisite.  Please note the picture above which showcases them in a mason jar, secured on a shepherd’s hook.  And below the beautiful bride in a candid shot with her new husband, mother and father.  This photo shows just how spectacular both the bride’s gown and her flowers were.  Doesn’t she look happy?


Next time, I’ll share about the beach reception.

All photos: Mary P Karnes

Beach Wedding


Would you choose to go with the less conventional? While not the classic norm, beach weddings are still wildly popular.  Easy for those who live on either coast, not so much for those who don’t…  If you reside in the middle of the country, and want a beach wedding, it becomes a “Destination Wedding.”  cape-cod-beach-wedding-cakeThere ARE advantages to a “Destination Wedding.”  Advantage number one: you get your dream, and a gorgeous venue to boot. You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations – unless you want to (like couple did in the last photo with the extravagant flowers).  The natural beauty of the sand and water is all you need.  The weather is rarely a factor, most days are usually warm if you pick spring or summer.  Even  a few drizzles are navigable.








Advantage number two – the fun attire!  I love the bridal sandals in photo number two.  While pretty, they don’t even have a sole!  You get the attractiveness of a shoe, without the complications of a sandle in the sand.  Advantage number three: it can significantly reduce your guest list to only family and dearest friends.  Who else would take on the time and expense involved in traveling to a beach wedding?  Number three – think of the photo opps!!  The photo of the bride and groom above is gorgeous and life-long keepsake.  In fact, I have never seen a beach wedding photo that wasn’t spectacular.


Where ever you marry, it doesn’t really matter.  You are joining your life with your best friend, your soul-mate.  It can be in the presence of  a justice of the peace, in a church, or on a beach…

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