Five Things A Bride Should Not Do…

Five things a bride should not do…

We all have heard what a bride SHOULD do…but what about what she should NEVER do?

NUMBER ONE — Never choose your dress BEFORE your venue.  Does this dress look like it is a good fit for a barn wedding?  While it strikes some’s fancy, it neither is the correct style for such a casual wedding, nor would it be easy to navigate.

NUMBER TWO — Never, never pay for a planning session with a florist.  I know, I was surprised that some florists employed this scam.  I was more than happy with both florists we used for my daughters’ weddings. The subject of payment for a consultation/estimate was NEVER raised.  If a florist suggests such a thing, run.  And don’t look back.

NUMBER THREE — Same goes for a cake tasting fee.  This is a courtesy. You should never be charged for a cake tasting.  I had a bad experience with my oldest daughter’s cake.  Luckily, I used my credit card for the second payment, and was able to dispute the charge.  Something to consider when you purchase your own cake.

NUMBER FOUR — I think it’s safe to say, we women want to look spectacular on our wedding day. This includes hair and makeup.  But don’t look too different from the woman your fiancé fell in love with.  Put on a little sparkle, but look like yourself.  Your new husband will thank you, and you’ll like your wedding photos more.

NUMBER FIVE— Don’t allow your toasting sessions to become a “Free For All”.  Have your DJ, Band Leader, or Wedding Coordinator enforce the number of approved toasts.  And about those “Approved Toasts”, be very clear with those presenting speeches how long you wish them to be.  My suggestion, allow two to three minutes per person.  An informal poll shows the toasting session is wedding guests’ least favorite part of the reception.

Things You Might Not Have Thought of For Your Wedding Day

Here are a few things you should think of before your wedding day …

  1. Try on your dress a week before the wedding! There may be a missing snap, a strap may need to be sewn, there could be a little makeup transferred from you to the dress the last time you tried it on (that can be easily removed if done properly and you have time!)


Hannah Colt Photos

2. Consider more than one pair of shoes for your big day.  Slippers to pad around in while getting ready, ceremony shoes, and dancin’ shoes!  One of my daughters chose the Keds below.  She danced all night and her feet never hurt!


3. Schedule a meet with both your DJ and your photographer two weeks before your wedding.  That way you can select your music, and inform your photographer of “Must Have Shots”.


Patty Cloherty Photos –

Alright, I’ll admit the above photo is a candid taken by the groom’s aunt.  But some things can’t be staged.  Loved the look my son-in-law is giving my daughter…


Hannah Colt Photos

But perhaps you dream of a photo such as the one above…plan it out!

4. Get your ring STEAM cleaned.  No jewelry sparkles more than with a good stream clean.  I took time to do so on my wedding day, and I’m glad I did – although probably should have done it the day before…


Photo creds: Photographer from Honeymoon in Jamaica

5. If you’re leaving the country for your honeymoon, locate your passport at least a week before your wedding.  If you have to get an emergency one, you’ll have time.  For more on that disaster potential, read bout my own story… The Lost Passport   That link is only part of the story…if you’d like to find out how it ends, you’ll have to go on a mini-scavenger hunt on this blog to find part II…  🙂



Are You Fit For Your Wedding?



Are you fit for your wedding?  This question is not directly only to the bride, but to the bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, etc.  Usually, you’ll have a while to prepare, but best advice…don’t procrastinate!

1)Start with a healthy diet.  You can loose weight, provided you wish to, easier than you think.  Just eat well.  If you wish to really drop some poundage, consult your doctor.  He/she will help you accomplish this safely.


2) Exercise!  Time to tone up that bod!  With the internet, there is not excuse to avoid finding a plan that will work for you.

The above link focuses on the arms.  If you have to pick one area to work on, the arms would be the one most likely exposed and in need of toning.  Again, check with your doctor if you have any reservations.

3) Use healthy products, it will show in your skin.  One outstanding line is Poofy Organics  Click on the link, you’ll be impressed.  They will ship to anywhere in the country.  I’m a big fan of their products and use them myself.  IMG_1064

4) Consider a facial treatment schedule for your skin.  Perhaps begin 6 months before your wedding.  But DO NOT decide to have a facial for the first time a few weeks before the big day — you may have several breakouts, as facials initially pull impurities from the skin – resulting in spots.

5) Stay out of the sun!  If you MUST have a little color before your wedding, choose a gentle self tanner, and try it out a good month before the big day. has a great article on self-tanners with pros and cons of several products.



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Advice For the Bridal Couple, and All Couples

Advice for the Bridal Couple

Perhaps an appropriate post on this Good Friday… A repost from my former blog… Advice for the Bridal Couple – and All Couples

From my long time, dear friend, Liz: “On Valentine’s Day at the Vatican City, Pope Francis offered advice to 25,000 couples that the recipe for marital success lies in saying three simple words:  “Please, thanks and sorry.”  He said that expressions of courtesy, gratitude and contrition go a long way toward conserving and enhancing love over time.  “Never finish the day without making peace!” he begged the couples.  “Because if you end the day without making peace, what you have inside becomes hard and cold and it becomes harder to make peace the following day.”

This advice knows no religious bounties. It’s for everyone. Food for thought. Thanks, Liz!