Blue Wedding Shoes !!

Today begins a series on colored wedding shoes.  There are so many choices out there!  Women love shoes…women love weddings.  Put the two together, and you have adoration.  I wore white shoes for my own wedding, but if I had to do it over again, I’d wear blue.  Blue wedding shoes …I love the look.  You can use a variety of shades of blue.  Maggie wore a pale blue pair – see below.

But the color doesn’t HAVE to be a pastel.  You can make a bold statement like the next shoes.  So what if they aren’t in your color wheel for your wedding colors?  They’re BLUE – perfect for the old rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.









Not into heels?  What about these flip flops below —  they’re blue!  Not really to my taste, but I bet the bride would remain cool for a summer wedding, and could dance up a storm in them.



Or the shoes below…quite bridal with the white AND the blue…  🙂  Comfort must be a number one priority for the bride who wears these.



I love the shoes in the next photo.  While they appear to be white…they DO have blue ink on the soles.  I’m guessing she had her bridal party sign them?  Maybe her maid/matron of honor snuck them out of their shoe box and had the attendants sign them before the wedding to surprise her?  Food for thought…I really like this idea… Remember to use a permanent marker, and preferably one that has a fine tip – more room to write!



Want to decal your own wedding shoes?  You can!  Click on the link below to see amazon’s wedding rhinestone shoe decal stickers (photo above)

2 Wedding Rhinestone Shoe Decals Stickers – “I Do” & “Me Too”


Image #2

Image #3

Image #4

Imge #5

Wedding Disasters


Wedding Disasters – the stuff of little girls’ and grown women’s nightmares.

The recent storm, “Blizzard Colbie” that slammed the Northeast last week, highlighted the fact that a bride can not plan for every possible disaster – tiny or catastrophic.  One does the best she can – but sometimes…life just happens.  I think the bride above is planning for the worst case scenario – either that, or she is very very hungry and is not considering skipping a meal.  Really…the bib is good idea, but not sure I’d have the guts to wear it.  Wonder if she’ll wear it at the dinner reception…



The above picture is of Hurricane Sandy – what a devastating storm.  The weather can always play a factor in a bride’s day, it rained on Maggie and Rob’s wedding day, but Hurricane Sandy was an extreme weather event.  Who can plan for that??



Pets can also play a part in potential disaster, note the photo above.  My only question…Why is this dog at the reception unleashed?  Looks a might ‘staged’ to me.  I HAVE heard of a true story where a cat got his mistress’ veil and tore it to scraps — wait…that was Beverly Cleary’s teen novel, “Fifteen.”  Loved that book… But it could happen… A situation like that is when one is called up on to improvise.  In “Fifteen” the super crafty “mother of the bride” shortened the veil, and guess what…it was JUST the modern flair that the bride had wanted all along…

I highly recommend assembling a “Bride’s Emergency Kit” for possible MINOR disasters.  If you’d like some tips on items to include, you can click on the following link and read my blog post on the subject.

You can hope and plan for the best, but if something minor occurs to upset your big day…remember, it will make a great story in years to come…  🙂

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bliss Fatgirlslim Arm Candy, 4.2 fl. oz.

Still doubtful??  🙂  Click on the following link and ready my blog post about the bliss cream!


Image #1

Image #2 hurricane Sandy

Image #3

Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony


Our family is Roman Catholic.  It is not easy to be married “in the church,” – to have a “Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony.”  There is more work involved than a protestant ceremony.  I can speak from experience, as Kenny and I were married first in the Presbyterian Church, (my church growing up), then we had a second wedding in the Catholic Church after I converted to Roman Catholicism.

I think if religion is important to both the bride and groom, it is not to everyone, it’s easier if a couple is untied.  Kenny and I made the decision before we married that we would first get married in my “hometown church,” then I would convert.  I didn’t realize, however, that it would take me TWO years to complete the process, and that it would require getting married all over again.  I don’t think any parish requires that today.  This was 30 years ago, remember.

Maggie and Rob, KK and Tyler are lucky.  All four are Roman Catholics.  They didn’t have to jump through the hoops that Kenny and I did.  There is a lengthy process, though.

In order to be married in the Catholic Church, either the bride or the groom must be a confirmed Catholic.  One can not become a confirmed Catholic unless he/she is baptized, attends 9 years of CCD – religious education, received his/her First Holy Communion, and First Reconciliation (you may think of this as “Confession”).  Then the candidate is eligible to attend either a one or two year course of “Confirmation Classes.”  Finally after all this, the candidate is accepted into the Church as a full member.

Now you want to receive the Sacrament of marriage?  One must be a registered member of a parish, or his/her parents are.  All sacraments, (listed above), must be documented.  Then the bride and groom must meet, on average, three times with a priest, and attend a “pre-cana” marriage workshop.  This is at least a five hour class.  The class addresses everything from children, to in-laws to finance.  A lot of work?  You bet.  But so is marriage.  The Catholic Church has struggled in the recent past, but I think this is one thing they’re doing right…


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Arm Candy Arm Perfecting Cream with Massaging Applicator
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Image # 2 –

Image # 3 –

Image #4 Patty Cloherty Photos


Pre-Wedding Exercise


Would you ‘DARE to BARE’ your arms at your daughter’s wedding?  I SWORE I never would.  Let’s face it…we MOTHERS of the bride do NOT look as we did as BRIDES…  Then came my search for my “Mother of the Bride” dress.

Well…I found what I thought was the perfect dress, and in my very favorite color.  Not only that, the color complemented the wedding colors, and my daughter Maggie, the bride, liked it.  Perfect, right?  Wrong.  It was SLEEVELESS.  It takes a lot of work to keep your arms toned as a ‘woman of a certain age’.  I really wasn’t up to countless hours in the gym just so I could wear a sleeveless dress.  But boy oh boy…did I love that dress…

So I did something very unlike me.  I bought the dress, costing more than my own wedding gown 31 years ago, and gambled.  I gambled that I would exercise and like how my arms looked in the dress.  But life got in the way, and I did very little – but guess what!…a quick plan I put together last minute worked!  Here’s what I did …

1)  I bought a set of hand weights, 5 pounds each.  I placed them in a spot where I walked by frequently during my day at home. Every time I passed the weights, I did a series of lifts with them to the count of 16.

2)  As the wedding day approached, I still wasn’t completely satisfied.  My 17 year old daughter said to me, “You know, Mom, there’s a firming cream that you can use on your arms that really works.”  First of all, what does a 17 year old know about the need for, and success of, a firming cream???  So I snorted, “Yeah, right, Tess.”

But desperate times call for desperate measures.  I bought the cream.  And really truly, it worked!  My arms WERE firmer and appeared to be more toned.  The trick is to rub it on twice daily, religiously, and start at least 2 weeks before your event.  ‘What is this miracle cream?’, you ask, “Fat Girl Slim Arm Candy,” by Bliss.  I know, I know, not the most complimentary name.  But hey.  I also rubbed it on the back of my hands, and noticed a difference there too.  Bliss has a whole line of firming and toning creams.  I can’t wait until I splurge on my next one.  It’s available on line, and at retails stores such as Sephora and Ulta.

Find below, a picture of me in “the dress,”  (arms bared!), escorted by the handsome “FOG” (Father of the Bride!).


Or… click on the amazon link below, and it will direct you right to the product.


Arm Candy Arm Perfecting Cream with Massaging Applicator

Patty Cloherty Photos