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As a bride or as a wedding guest…what do you thing about wedding registries?  I as a wedding guest, AND as a Mother of the Bride, have mixed emotions.  But if nudged to make a choice, I give them a positive nod.  Please enjoy a reprint of an article from about wedding registry alternatives.  Definitely food for thought…


Wedding Registry Alternatives

wedding cakeKnack is a wedding registry that allows couples to register for the gifts that are most meaningful to them instead of choosing from limited items at a big box store. You can register for gifts from all your favorite websites and just click to add them to your registry. Knack does have a catalog that can be helpful in providing ideas for items and you can also create listing for your honeymoon, cooking classes or contributions towards expenses.

wedding cakeHoneyfund started 8 years ago when a couple dreaming of a honeymoon in Fiji but struggled to pay for the adventure. Instead of the traditional registry, they created a simple registry page where their guests, family and friends could contribute cash as a wedding gift. Since then, over 218,000 couples have used the site to do the same.

wedding cakeUpon Our Star is where couples go to create a ‘wish registry’. Whether they wish for a dream home, a dream honeymoon or dream of paying for their child’s education, the site helps the couple fund their dreams with the help of their wedding guests. Once their wedding date has passed, the happy couple can collect for the dreams in the form of cash. There are bank fees associated with the payout but according to the company, is not for profit but for administration fees.

wedding cakeMerci Registry is a site that combines a little of everything, allowing couples to register for items anywhere on the web, from Etsy to Home Depot, as well as for cash donations for larger purchases. This site allows customization for a very pretty site that they can make their own and being their wedding wishes. There is a one-time set up fee of $29.95 but there are no additional hidden fees.

wedding cakeI Do Foundation is great for couples that enjoy celebrating generously with their friends and family. Couples can choose to encourage their guests to donate to their favorite or selected charity or create a gift registry including items from select department stores that have agreed to donate up to 6% of registry spending to the couple’s selected charity.

wedding cakeHatch My House is a free registry where wedding guests can help the happy couple pay for a home that they’ve designed themselves. First, couples use the site to build a virtual house; they can choose the style, color and setting. The couple then indicates whether they’re saving for a down payment, renovation or home decor. Guests then donate in the form of virtual purchases, such as a window for $75 or a door for $125. It’s a fun way for friends and family to contribute without feeling tacky.

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So what do you think about these other options?  Next time I’ll give my honest opinion…and what KK and Tyler have opted to do…



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Is This KK’s Wedding Dress???


Is this KK’s wedding dress?  Maybe yes…maybe no….All I can tell you is that it is KK in the photo…I have to say, I love the “Sweep Train.”

From an earlier post, “Wedding Gown Trains!” (click on the link if you want to read the post) I noted that the “Sweep” or “Brush” length train “…is most often less than a foot and a half long.  This train just dusts the ground. It became popular in the 21 st century, and is the perfect compliment to the relaxed rustic type wedding that has become popular in the United States.  It would fit right in a “Barn Wedding” theme.”   Which fits in nicely with the outdoor, natural style KK and Tyler have chosen.

Purchasing a wedding gown, I have discovered, is much like buying a car.  OBVIOUSLY, the dress will not be anywhere near the sticker price of a car…but I have learned that wedding gown negotiations are alive and well.  Take for example, Maggie’s negotiations with the Grand Dame of all Bridal Salons, Kleinfelds.  Click on the following link, “Kleinfelds, Part II” if you want to read the blog post.



KK found a couple of dresses she liked.  When we got home from the bridal salon, I google them.  The salon was spot on as far as the MSRP was concerned.  But there were a few on-line stores, (which had legitimate store-fronts, I checked!), that offered the sale of the same dresses with perks.  #1, order from an out of state store on your own, and have it mailed to you…no sales tax, and free shipping.  This would be a significant savings…but that’s not all!  I ask you, do I sound like an informercial now, or what?!?

#2, If you purchased the gown, (the same exact gown, no knock off, I confirmed…), from the out-of-state store, you would receive a $500.00 credit from their store/website for such things as bridal shoes, undergarments, guest books, champagne flutes, you get the idea.  Sounds like a pretty good deal…but I still have questions, so many that we’re not going to take advantage of this GREAT deal…

So…what do you think of the RED wedding dress???


















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Kleinfelds, Part II

Kleinfelds, Part II

To the left is a picture of my four daughters, from left to right, Tess, KK, Maggie, ( the bride THIS time around), and Julia outside of Kleninfelds, NYC.

Klenifelds was decorated beautifully for Christmas.  You can see a few details behind the girls.  The small room immediately behind the them is the vestibule before opening  into the larger, grand waiting area – where you see the wreath hanging on the wall.

So…back to the dress experience.  It was a little anti-climatic.  After all the emotions surfacing from the sisters, and yes, MOM, we were all exhausted.

“Are you going to say yes, to the dress?” Our consultant queried.  I always counseled the girls: “If you’re hungry or tired, don’t make a decision – especially if it’s a big one.”  And with the Karnes girls, we are hungry all the time.   And this time we were tired too.

Maggie still on the fence. So she asked, “Can you take my measurements please, and I’ll call back this week with my decision?”  We were pretty sure we had a winner.

Our sweet young consultant became a horrified woman.  “Oh no!” she hissed.  “Kleinfelds does NOT operate that way!”

I was hungry too…”Look,” I said more harshly than I intended.  “We really think we have the dress picked out, but we’re exhausted,” (I left out the hungry part), “and it took us 5 hours to get here.” (A little exaggeration, but she didn’t have to know that). “And I’m not making a ten hour round trip just for measurements.”

“Wellllll,” she drew out the word.  “I’d have to ask my manager to make an exception.”
“OK,” I responded.

Long story a little shorter, they made the exception.

Maggie called Kleinfelds a few days later with her choice, and negotiated an 18% discount.  She’s not my daughter for nuttin’…  I know, 18% is an odd number.  When she was negotiating, the initial response was, “Kleinfelds does NOT operate that way.”  Well…apparently they do.  And 18% of the price of a gown is substantial.

Wedding Gown Trains!

Wedding Gown Trains!


When I started researching wedding gown trains, I did not realize there were so many options…and I’m “Mother of the Bride”!  Thanks to Jenny Evans at, I gleaned much information.
First up, is the “Sweep” or “Brush” length train.  It is most often less than a foot and a half long.  This train just dusts the ground. It became popular in the 21 st century, and is the perfect compliment to the relaxed rustic type wedding that has become popular in the United States.  It would fit right in a “Barn Wedding” theme.
The next length is the “Court Train“.  It, like the “Sweep” train, extends from the waist, not the hemline.  This style can hide a brides imperfections around the waistline, or hide a tiny waist – so give this option some thought.  It can change your silhouette.
Panel Train” – This is not part of your dress.  It’s a about a foot wide and trails behind you.  Some brides choose this unconventional, flowing option instead of a veil.  In this way, the bride achieves a billowing effect without covering her elaborate hairstyle.  This train is usually detachable.

The Watteau Train is worn from the shoulder and drapes down to the bottom of the gown’s hem.  It also is usually detachable.
Believe it or not, there are FOUR other train styles, which I will tell you about next time.
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