Cookies For Your Special Event?

Cookies for your special event?

Many brides these days are choosing to have alternative desserts at their weddings. While a wedding cake is still my favorite, (click here to see some crazy beautiful cakes from a pervious blog), I think gourmet cookies are the next great thing!

Cookies are already the ‘go to’ for tea parties, like the gorgeous ones above, and birthday parties, but they are riding a new wave of popularity for multiple functions.

The cookies above are perfect, obviously, ūüôā for a grad party. ¬†Or what about the flower and mermaid cookies below for a little girl’s birthday party?

Cookies can be made by special order for every event, as long as you’re lucky enough to find an artist/baker to create your order and you give him/her enough advance notice. ¬†Seriously…check-out the adorable ones below.

And it’s not just little girls who love cookies! ¬†I love these baby shower works of art above. ¬†I’m not sure I could eat these, they are just too beautiful. ¬†This raises a good point. ¬†Cookies this cute can also serve as decoration for your events.

Not sure what to give that ‘hard to buy for’ father or uncle? ¬†Cookies made for his favorite hobby could be just the thing!

Obviously, not every bakery has an artist who can create such works of art. ¬†It takes skill, patience and natural talent. ¬†My long time friend is just such a baker. ¬†She can make almost any cookie for any event – just give her some time to obtain the cutters. ¬†If you’re in Southern California, great, “Bunny’s Cookies” are easy to get. ¬†If not, she ships! ¬†Her contact info is: bunyportillo@icloud

Even the icing bags below are pretty! ¬†If you’re ready to ride the wave of the latest trend in wedding dessert, give gourmet cookies a try. ¬†They’re sure to be a hit with your guests.

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