Sisters Brides Best Attendants


Sisters – brides’ best attendants.  I was not blessed with any siblings, but my daughters are.  The have three sisters, four girls in all.  Above is one of my favorite photos of the girls together…ok…perhaps the photo below is my favorite.  As my oldest, the bride in the photo below says, “This picture is the Original ” ‘Til Death Due Us Part’.”  Yes it is…yes it is.


Or maybe my favorite is this photo…the day I became a mother-in-law for the first time…


But this must be my favorite of all…when my most recent son-in-law became my son.  So what is the same about all these photos?  The four girls in them.  There will most likely be four weddings.  We have had two already.  Who will be the SAME in all the photos?  Who will stand up at the ceremony, who will throw the showers, the bachelorettes, give the bride a hug when she is over-wrought?  Her sisters.  Who will grin and bear it when the bride has a melt-down and declares she is upset with all her bridesmaids, that no one is there for her?  Who else will wear the ugly dress, shoes and her hair exactly like the bride wishes, without complaint?  Her sisters.


So Brides To Be…if you are lucky enough to be blessed with sisters, always include them, always pull them in, always choose them above all others to be in your wedding.  No one will ever be the biggest constant in your lives.   No one..

So if it comes down to a college room mate, a childhood friend, a new friend or your sister.  Always, always choose the girl who grew up with you, who shares your parents, who knows you best, and always will.

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