Shall We Bring Back Headpieces For Bridesmaids ?

Headpieces for bridesmaids were once a mandatory accessory.  Why?  One reason, the Roman Catholic Church, pre-Vatican II, required all women to have their heads covered upon entering a Catholic Church.  So it became a wedding tradition for all bridesmaids.  Below is a photo of Princess Grace of Monaco’s bridesmaids.  Love the hats, but looks like they’re having a little trouble keeping them on in the outdoor breeze.


I hope my aunt won’t mind too much…below is a photo of my darling Aunt Judy at her sister Ginger’s wedding.  She is pictured with my maternal grandparents…I love this photo.   I had never seen it before. I ran across it on Facebook, which gave me the idea for this post.  Aunt Judy doesn’t look too happy with her headpiece.  But it WAS the 60’s…  🙂  Hummm…I wonder what the bride’s colors were…?


Below is another take on bridesmaids’ hair accessories.  While not quite my vision, it does buy into a resurrection of bridesmaids’ headpieces. I think I like the flower girl’s flower wreath better…



I ADORE these gowns…every color is lovely, as are all the varying styles.  The hues really compliment each other.  And what about the flowers in the ladies’ hair?  I hope they aren’t real, as at the end of the evening, I bet they’d be droopy…



The photo above is probably a realistic modern day option for bridesmaid headwear.  It’s small but stylish.  The popularity of the European royals, and their love of hats, has increased OUR devotion here in the States.  I believe the hat above would compliment any attire without being overly dramatic, as the above flowers were.  Heck, those flowers were so sensational, no one may have noticed the bride.  I can hear it now…”Are those real flowers?” Or…how are those flowers anchored on their heads?!?”  🙂

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