Small Town Life In New England

Nothing defines small town New England and modern technology as well as this little snippet…

The beautiful Karnes Girls ¬†ūüôā

One of my high school girls was discussing her sister’s upcoming wedding with a teacher. The bride, my daughter, Maggie, and her fianc√©, Robert, were ready to get married as soon as they graduated from college. ¬†But as you probably know, one often needs 18 months to two years to get a Saturday night at your first choice reception venue. ¬†They wanted to be married in under a year, and Maggie had her heart set on her first choice venue, so we ¬†booked the wedding on a Friday. At that point, we were only 10 months before the wedding! ¬†The wedding was set for June, and there was always the fear that we would have a hard winter, lots of snow days, and thus our two youngest girls, still in high school, would have finals on the wedding day. Guess what? Worst case scenario – we had finals on the day of the wedding! ¬†ūüôĀ

Anyway… The teacher asked my daughter, Who is your sister marrying?”

“Rob Stauble,” she replied.

“Oh, Rob! ¬†One of my favorite students! ¬†He gave a great speech at graduation!”

Meanwhile, a fellow student, who has a brother in Rob’s graduating class, overheard the conversation and texted her own brother. ¬†The brother immediately texted Rob “Congrats!” Which Rob in turn texted my high school daughter, Tess, and asked if she knew his classmate’s little sister.

“Yes,” was her reply. “I’m in class with her now!” ¬†All this is the space of two minutes‚Ķ

Please enjoy the five pictures below…keep scrolling!  Photo Creds: Glastonbury website

 Glastonbury Library РWinter

                                                     Connecticut River РGlastonbury








Autumn in Glastonbury


Lovely trail in Glastonbury

Below: ¬†St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Venue of Rob and Maggie’s wedding

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