Advice For the Bridal Couple, and All Couples

Advice for the Bridal Couple

Perhaps an appropriate post on this Good Friday… A repost from my former blog… Advice for the Bridal Couple – and All Couples

From my long time, dear friend, Liz: “On Valentine’s Day at the Vatican City, Pope Francis offered advice to 25,000 couples that the recipe for marital success lies in saying three simple words:  “Please, thanks and sorry.”  He said that expressions of courtesy, gratitude and contrition go a long way toward conserving and enhancing love over time.  “Never finish the day without making peace!” he begged the couples.  “Because if you end the day without making peace, what you have inside becomes hard and cold and it becomes harder to make peace the following day.”

This advice knows no religious bounties. It’s for everyone. Food for thought. Thanks, Liz!

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