Wedding Dresses Through The Years

Wedding Dresses Through the Years … Each decade seems to have a wedding dress “Look” that characterizes its era. I was married in the 80’s, and the drawing below for that decade was spot on for dresses worn by my contemporaries similar to what you could find at The Volte. I believe the style was influenced by Diana, Princess of Wales’ choice of gown.

A bride’s dress should fit her venue, theme, season of year, and of course, her budget. Diana was married at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. An enormous structure, much larger than the traditional royal wedding site of Westminster Abbey (location of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2011 wedding). Thus, Diana need a BIG gown. While I wasn’t a great fan of the dress, I think it suited the Cathedral, the balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace, and her statuesque frame. Her designers chose well.


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If I had to pick an era that is my favorite for wedding gowns, I’d chose the 50’s. There’s something so romantic about a cinched in waist and a full skirt. According the the above chart, a common hemline for the 50’s era was the “ballerina length” (right at the ankle). This…I do not like. I believe it could make the bride look stumpy, although guests could get a good look at her shoes. This may be an incentive to have such a hemline, provided the shoes were cute! If you’re interested in reading a few older posts about wedding shoes, click on the following links! Wedding Shoes – Flats Blue Wedding Shoes Pink Wedding Shoes Let’s Talk Wedding Shoes!

The gown below, I’m sure is inspired by Grace Kelly’s when she become the Princess of Monaco. It is one of my favorites. I’m not crazy about the hat, however. For more drawings of royal brides…keep scrolling…


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