Newlywed Memory


A Newlywed Memory …

It’s funny how much you don’t know when you first get married, even though you think you know it all…

I THOUGHT I  knew a little about cooking when we got married almost 32 years ago…. I had won a 6th grade talent contest in…cooking…, after all – I know!  Can you believe it?!?

Well, my cooking skills consisted of throwing a steak in a frying pan and cooking it…Not much of a “talent.”

I had given no thought to my first dinner preparation as a new wife.  We only had a three day honeymoon to San Francisco, as I was in the middle of the school year, (teaching), and I worked our first day back.  I was exhausted at the end of the school day.  I checked the office one last time for messages before calling it a day, no email back then, and returned to my room to collect my belongings. And there… On my desk… Was the simple makings of a spaghetti  dinner. It consisted of a jar of Ragu sauce, a package of pasta, a bag of dinner rolls… and flowers.  I drove home with great excitement and that night, we ate like kings (remember — my signature dish at the time was steak in a skillet!).  To this day, one of my favorite weddings gifts!  The gift giver… Anonymous


And as a footnote… my wonderful husband has perfected quite the homemade red sauce. Guess he finally got tired of Ragu!  And he took me on a lovely week-long “Second Honeymoon” to Mexico when my school year ended.  🙂

I am now an adequate cook – I had to be with four kids – but still find it a chore and a bore…

Yep… that’s me below in the picture, my first year of teaching, the year we got married.  Now no one can say I don’t include embarrassing things about myself in this blog…

Image # 1

Image # 2

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