The Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress ?

So… I had a plan.  I bought my dream dress, as my “Mother of the Bride” attire, for my daughter, Maggie’s wedding… and I was going to wear it for next bride, Kathleen’s  wedding.  I presented my thought to my family, but my BRILLIANT plan was shot down.  Not by my daughters, they were all OK with it, but by my husband.

He thought the family wedding pictures would suffer…

One more thing to worry about. The pressure was on to find the perfect mother of the bride dress!  A few months ago, I visited Maggie and new husband, Rob, in Philly.  They were the ultimate tour guides. We enjoyed a horse drawn carriage ride, taking in the historical sights, visited Maggie’s school, U Penn, Rob’s Optometry School, had Philly Cheese Steaks, (I prefer Geno’s), saw the Liberty Bell, and traveled the Main Line.  But I didn’t mention… we also went to the King of Prussia Mall – the biggest mall in America, measured by the most retail stores. Guess what?!?

I found a dress!

While I can not show you the dress…I CAN share with you a swatch.  Yep, blue again!  It’s a loose weave with a matching under slip.  And yes, it’s sleeveless once more.  Am I a masochist?!?  But again, I love the dress.  It’s simple, but has a little more flair than what I’m wearing in the pictures above.  Can’t wait!  Thankfully, it fitted in with KK’s vision – or it would have to be changed. It’s her day!

You know this means I have to buy another tube of “Fat Girl Skinny Arm Candy” by Bliss, and start using my hand weights again… Good news is…this year I do not have the terrible “Softball Mom” farmer’s tan, so I won’t have to try to “even out” the tan line on my arms — don’t know if you remember, dear reader…but THAT was a disaster…

Photo creds: Patty Cloherty

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress ?

  1. I love following you on your adventures, Mary. This shade of blue is perfect for a summer wedding and you will be stunning. Don’t you agree that feeling comfortable in your dress, shoes, hairstyle all are so important so you can enjoy the big event without any distraction?

  2. This is awesome Mary – I love this!!! I have to stay tuned in now to see this all plays out……’s a beautiful swatch so something tells me it will be absolutely perfect!

  3. King of Prussia Mall? That was my original mall stomping ground!! Lived there when I was 12/13! Can’t wait to see the whole ensemble!

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