Confessions From the Mother of The Bride

Confessions from the Mother of the Bride…As we make our final preparations for my daughter, KK, and Tyler’s wedding.  I KNOW the inevitable will happen…there WILL be some glitches.  It wouldn’t be a wedding without them.  So I am going to walk you down memory lane to a year ago, and revisit my “Glitches” from my first daughter, Maggie’s, wedding to my now son-in-law, Rob…

I had long promised myself that I would NEVER wear a sleeveless dress as “A Woman Of A Certain Age” as Mother of the Bride.  But I LOVED the dress I found, (pictured above).  So I made a commitment to “Do Something About Those Arms”.  I worked out, (mildly), and applied Bliss “Fat Girl Skinny” cream nightly – YES…I think it does work…

Growing up in CA, I always had a tan.  I was a kid, and sadly, we never even wore sunscreen.  Here in New England, I always wear sunscreen, but last spring I sat outside a lot at the younger girls’ softball games — so I had a farmers’ tan.

I’ll just use some “sunless tanner,” I thought…Crazy as I have NEVER used the stuff…I generously wiped it over my arms.  “Huh!” I thought.  “Doesn’t work very well.”  —Until the next morning.  I awoke to HUGE patches of tan arms, and huge patches of white!

Soooo…How to remove sunless tanner from your skin?  Apparently there is a product for just that purpose.  I tried to find it locally, and had no luck.  What worked best for me?  Make-up remover facial wipes.  Kind of gives me pause that I was using a product that has rubbing alcohol in it – on my face…  I’m going to be more careful about reading labels from now on.  Other home remedies include hydrogen peroxide, and facial scrub such as St Ives.

SHOES – When I initially went dress shopping, the personal stylist picked out navy blue patent leather pumps.  When I went back to the store to have the dress fitted, I had a female stylist help me.  She just shook her head “NO!” when she saw the pumps.  She ran down to the shoe department and came back with the flashy silver ones in the picture above.  I LOVED them!  She brought a 7 1/2, but decided there were too big.  I tried the size 7 and purchased them – being swayed by the stylist.

Then I began to worry.  “I’m going to be on my feet all day and night,” I thought.  Better go with the 7 1/2.  They were out of stock!!  I had just enough time to order and receive them before the wedding, YEA!  Of course I tried them on and walked in them.  Everyone knows to do that…

But what I DIDN’T do… was try them on with the pantie hose I chose to wear to the wedding.  I opted to wear the hose as I was still so pale from the winter.  Enter potential disaster…

The shoes were now too big with my foot slipping around with the lack of friction.  “I’ll just put some fashion tape on my heel and ball of my foot,” I thought.  I had the tape too, but it never happened.  My walk down the isle was great – but when I was a few feet away from my seat, and after I genuflected, I ALMOST walked out of my shoes…rookie mistake to skip the tape.  🙂  But as a side note…my feet never hurt all night…maybe I DID get the right size…

The following picture is of Maggie’s shoes.  They were gorgeous, and her something “Blue.”

The last photo…2014’s lovely bride and groom.  Never fear, I will be posting a beautiful picture of THIS spring’s bride and groom – with, I’M SURE…more “Confessions from the Mother of the Bride”.  🙂

Photo creds:

Images # 1 and # 4 – Patty Cloherty

Images # 2 and #3  – Mary P Karnes

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