Brides’ Duties to Their Maids


We talked about your bridesmaids’ responsibilities to you, the bride, but what are your responsibilities to them?  As the bride, try to be considerate of your bridesmaids’ pocketbooks.  When choosing dresses, choose a gown that is not too pricey.  You know they’ll never wear it again…Same goes for the shoes.

For my daughter, KK’s summer wedding, she is asking only that her bridesmaids wear gold shoes/sandles.



As three of her bridesmaids are my own daughters, I appreciate this.  My youngest daughter, Julia, has picked out some sandals, (remember, we have a casual theme), that she had already desired.  How often does THAT happen?  Luckily, all KK’s attendants are within driving range, so air fare is not a factor.  But when it comes to providing lodging the night before the wedding and the night of, you or your parents are responsible.  It can be your home, that of a near relative or a hotel.  But it is yours.  You must also ensure that your bridesmaids have a safe ride with a designated ‘alcohol free’ driver from the reception to their lodgings.  On the night of the wedding, they are your responsibility.

The bride also traditionally gives a “Bridesmaids’ Luncheon” shortly prior to the wedding.  This is the occasion where she says “thank you” and presents the ladies with a keepsake gift of her special day.  I love the two photos above.  The tables have a different feel, but both are exquisite.  Your luncheon need not be extravagant, just a small time to relax, reminisce and gear up for WEDDING!


Although not mandatory, if you DO plan a luncheon, the cookies above would be the perfect favors.  The beauty of these, you could ice them in any color to match your theme.  I rather like the green…


Going quite formal?  The invitation above is pretty AND informative!  I had found that paperless post, has provided the best customer service both electronically and on paper.  And they quality’s excellent, too.



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