‘Shoes For the Bride’ !



So let’s talk ‘Shoes for the Bride’ again… I won’t pretend to be indifferent…I LOVE SHOES!  Wedding shoes are one of my favorite bridal topics.  There are so many choices.  But before you fall in love with a shoe, take a look and STUDY the chart below.  You may seriously reconsider your choice.  Will you dance the night away?  Even if you don’t, you’ll still be on your feet for hours and want a degree for comfort.



I am one to talk…I wore sky high heels at my own wedding, and truly do not remember my feel hurting.  My daughter, Maggie, wore gorgeous light blue heels and never complained herself.  My next bride, KK, on the other hand, may be wiser than we.  She has chosen delightful, darling flats.  But when your feet are a delicate size 6, you can wear anything and it will look feminine.


I’ve included some beautiful shoes in this post.  I know that if I had it to do all over again – not to worry my dear husband, 🙂  I would wear something a little more flashy than what I chose 31 years ago.  I would definitely consider one of the gems above, or even a colored shoe…


The chart above gives a nice description of different heel options, but after that decision is made, you still must chooses color, fabric, and whether you desire a bit of “bling” or not.  I say, YES!  Go for the bling!  You’ll never wear these particular shoes again (although I DID!).  Make them spectacular!


You may even like something like the shoes above.  This bride, I’m guessing, had a summer wedding, and took to heart the ‘summer color’ theme.  I love it!   This photo may appear on my blog header one day!


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Image #2 and #3 www.pinterest.com

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Image #5 bagshoes.net

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