Courthouse Wedding Ideas


No one says you have to go all out and have a major bash for your wedding.  What about a “Courthouse Wedding?”  There are many advantages, number one being the low cost to either the parents of the couple or the couple themselves.

There are rules/protocol to follow, however.   According to, there are many:

“Court house weddings are best suited for couples who are planning to either marry secretly or spontaneously without enduring the hassles of planning for a wedding. These weddings are not elaborate as a normal wedding. Marriages are conducted in a simple way with few friends and family members present.

The courthouse venues are also very small and can accommodate only friends who will also serve as witnesses. It is necessary that you know how to have a court house weddingthe laws and the regulations that govern such a wedding and also the requirements.  Counties might differ in their requirements although the basic necessities and rules remain the same throughout.


All types of marriages have to be registered, including court house weddings, in the office of the registrar. If you are planning for a marriage in your residential state then apply for a license in your local county office. In case the marriage will be conducted away from the home state still you need to apply in the county house of your state.

An identification proof is required, which can be your social security number, driving license or any other proof that has been issued by a federal office. A fee for availing the license has also to be submitted with the application form. This fee varies from county to county. Usually, the fee has to be paid in cash. Other requirements include documents that support the dissolution of the previous marriage. Some of the counties require the submission of blood test reports for particular ailments like Thalasemia and HIV. A witness might be needed to be present at the time of submission of the application form.


This is the period between the submission of the application and the issue of marriage license. The waiting period is usually three days in most counties. You can also cancel the application within these three days. Once the license gets issued you are free to marry within one to six months of the date of issue.

Once all the requirements have been arranged for, look for a witness who is above eighteen years of age. Submit your marriage license to the registrar and proceed with the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the witness, registrar and the couples need to sign the marriage license for certification of the marriage in the court of law.”


And remember, there are lots of beautiful dresses that are more in keeping with a courthouse venue.  Just notice the ones above!  And if you desire a dramatic photo to immortalize your day, you can always choose a scene like this blog’s last picture…


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