Tossing the Garter

Photo: Patty Cloherty

My new son-in-law, Robert, had the BEST idea for “Tossing the Garter.”  He was going to stand on the balcony overlooking the massive brick patio at our reception site, instruct the single men to stand below, attach the grater to a football…and let it fly!  Sadly…it rained, and we had to set up one of those big, white, event tents over the patio – that is the “room” where you see much of the “goings on” in the photos from previous blog posts .  The tent made it impossible to use the balcony.  Never fear, Rob put his plan into action, just inside the tent.  It was so fun. The DJ played the theme song to “Monday Night Football” as he threw a perfect spiral.

And guess who caught it?!?  — The seventh grade younger brother of my younger daughters, Tess and Julia’s friends.  This young man had had a crush on the much older Maggie for about 2 years when he was 4 to 6 years old. We think now, though, that he more excited about the brand new football Rob had purchased for the event, than the honor of catching the garter — but he still thinks Maggie’s beautiful.  🙂

Please enjoy the pictures of the varied garters below.  Much to think about…will you choose a blue garter for your “something blue” a garter with your wedding colors, or white to match your gown?  You really can’t go wrong, but I still maintain that a bride should wear two…one to wear and hand down to her daughters, and one to throw.  I only wore one garter when I was married 31 years ago…but when we married again for our Roman Catholic ceremony two years later, I wore another…Did Maggie wear that one, will KK?  I’ll never tell…

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