Slow Motion Wedding Booth


Have you read, seen, or experienced the new thing making the wedding circuit these days? It’s the “Slow Motion Wedding Booth.” It replaces the “Photo Booth” at weddings and events, which apparently is now passé. Photo booths are awesome! My friend had photo booth hire Coventry come and do a photo booth for her party and she loved it. It’s funny how quickly things change…in just a year, the NEW entertainment “flavor of the month” at weddings is the “Slow Motion Booth.” How does it work? Well, you’re filmed with a few friends in a booth, much like the traditional photo booth, doing regular things – tossing confetti, twirling, etc. Then the camera slows, and all of a sudden, the confetti flutters down in slow motion — cool! A tv monitor is set up outside the booth, and guests can view you in real time. The down side, you don’t get a souvenir to take home, as you do in the old “photo booth”. The bride and groom get a dvd of their guests in the booth, however. If you’re interested in seeing how it works for yourself, click on the photo below from KK will have one one of these new fangled things at her reception — I’m pretty excited to see for myself how it works.

Do you need wedding entertainment? I don’t think you necessarily do. But it makes the event more fun, and can break the ice when you throw lots of people together who in the beginning of the evening may not know each other – but may be new friends by the end of the night…

Thanks to Rob and Maggie’s friends in the picture above who are the “Models” from their wedding photo booth. 🙂


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