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I have four daughters.  When daughter number two became engaged, she of course asked her three sisters to be bridesmaids.  Lots of drama in the house with a bride and three bridesmaids in residence.  You may think the bridesmaids’ dress was the main topic of conversation…well, you’d be wrong.  It was the shoes!  There were four very different ideas, well FIVE if you count mine…  So I ask you, “Must The Bridesmaids Shoes Match?”

In the photo above, from the, all the bridesmaids are wearing different shoes, but they are the same shade of red.  I happen to love this.  It flows, but allows for individual tastes, comfort, and age appropriateness. The bridesmaids and shoes can also be a way for the bride to express her color scheme or theme.  The picture below, from, shows how a bride used her attendants shoes to create a unique color scheme and tone for her wedding.  I like how the bouquets match the maids’ shoes.  I’m guessing that this tone was carried throughout the decorating and floral arrangements.  The black of the bridesmaids’ dresses, (once a social taboo), provides the perfect backdrop for the vivid shoe and flower color.





The photo above, merle, takes shoe color in a whole different direction.  It appears the dresses are the same style, but different colors with shoes to match.  The bouquets are the same for each lady.  The theme goes back to my era, where a “rainbow” color scheme was popular, and shoes were purchased in a stock white fabric and dyed to match the dresses.

And what did my daughters finally decide?  Well, a gold tone was the color of choice, so half the girls wore flats, and the other half heels.  Maggie left it to the desecration of her attendants.  In the photo below, you can see that two of my daughters opted for heels, and the oldest, flats.
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