An Observation of Small Town Life

Nothing defines small town New England and modern technology as well as this little snippet…

Last year about this time, one of my high school girls was discussing Maggie and Rob’s upcoming wedding with one of her teachers. There was cause for concern…If you will recall, when we booked the wedding on a Friday, there was always the fear that we would have a hard winter, lots of snow days, and thus our two youngest girls, still in high school, would have finals on the wedding day. Guess what? Worst case scenario – we had finals on the day of the wedding! ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†Glad KK and Tyler’s wedding is in July this year, or we may be facing the same issue given the winter we’ve had!

Anyway… The teacher asked my daughter, Who is your sister marrying?”

“Rob Stauble,” she replied.

“Oh, Rob! ¬†One of my favorite students! ¬†He gave a great speech at graduation!” He exclaimed.

Meanwhile, a fellow student, who has a brother in Rob’s class, overheard the conversation and texted her brother and asked him. “Guess who’s getting married?!?” After received the news flash, ¬†the brother immediately texted Rob “Congrats!” ¬†Rob in turn texted ¬†Tess and asked if she knew his classmate’s little sister.

“Yes,” was her reply. “I’m in class with her now!” ¬†All this is the space of two minutes‚Ķ

Please enjoy the pictures belo of our quintessential little New England town!  Keep scrolling!  Photo Creds: Glastonbury website


 Connecticut River РGlastonbury

                                                                                                       Lovely trail in Glastonbury

Below: ¬†St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Venue of Rob and Maggie’s wedding

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One thought on “An Observation of Small Town Life

  1. Some people may shy away from small towns thinking that other people know your business but more often than not people are there to rally, support, comfort or lend a hand. Just like this winter when neighbors snow blowed my sidewalk and my other neighbor Ken Karnes repaired by broken mailbox that was laying on the ground once the snow pile melted. It’s nice to be part of a small town.

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