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I had no idea…and I mean NO IDEA… of the vast options available for the bride who wants something different from the traditional wedding veil!

Today begins a series of those options.  I found so much great material about alternatives to the veil, I couldn’t share it all in just one post.

VeilAlternatives_1 (photo #1)  (photo #2)





images-190 (photo #3)

The most common alternative seems to be some sort of netting covering the eyes, like the three photos above.  Commonly called a “Blusher,” word on the street is that it’s making a come-back.  Coincidently, “blusher” is the name of the short “mini” veil the traditional  bride wears over her face these days, while a much longer, more intricate fabric of gauze trails behind her.  While I am a traditionalist, and I think “veil” equals “bride,” I must admit the smaller, more tailored style allows focus to be on the bride’s beautiful hair, make-up and dress.




 (photo #4)

Photo number 4 is merely an embellished headband, but what a gorgeous one it is!  It’s dramatic, and gives the bride a regal image.  While not quite a tiara, it lends the feel of one with all the rhinestones.  The same goes for the gorgeous headpiece decoration below.  This is my favorite, and I think it would be even more striking on a brunette…But then I am slightly biased…  🙂  Even if you choose a traditional veil, consider one of these pretty pieces after you removed your veil for the reception.  Along with your while bridal gown, one of these sparkers will set you apart from your attendants.  And what about those attendants?  Do you wish for them to hear a headpiece of some sort?  It was de rigor in days of old, one reason being Catholic women had to have their heads covering during Mass, and other Christians followed suit.  Then it became a style thing.  I like it…



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