Wedding Day Emergency Kit


So when the big day FINALLY arrives, you want to be prepared for any minor problem, OR, Heaven forbid…major disaster.  You need a wedding day emergency kit!

I suggest assigning a trust-worthy female member of the wedding party to be in change of “the bag”.  Maggie is going to be in charge of “the kit” at KK’s wedding.  She is very organized and is good under pressure. She will doubtless be more composed than the “trusty female” who STARTED tending “the bag” at HER wedding. That was I. I packed so much, I couldn’t find a simple bobby pin.  So word of caution… Don’t overpack. KK took over from me when she observed my fumbling mess.. And things were smoother from them on out. If you do choose to have emergency provisions, the following is a list which  should include:


Bride’s personal make-up items for touch-up

Fashion tape for last minute adjustments


Mini sewing kit

Advil, or other pain reliever


Immodium – please God—no!

Tampon –again- No!!




Castile soap and or baking soda for MINOR spills

Static guard

Wrinkle releaser

Wisp/ mouth wash

Safety pins

Earring backs

Emery board

Encourage the “keeper of the bag” to familiarize herself with the provisions prior to the wedding.  In the event an item is needed, she can whip it out in seconds!


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