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So what is my opinion of the conventional wedding registry? Well…as a wedding guest, I love the idea. I can purchase a gift for the bride and groom that I know they want. I am assured that duplicates will not be made.

As a bride, I had a conventional gift registry. If you’re about my age, I bet you did too. What I loved as a bride, and still do to this day, is that I received items that I would probably not purchase myself. Sure, I could find the Best Toaster for my new house that I was sharing with my new husband but what about the more expensive or unconventional gifts? I am so glad that I have them. Our crystal is a perfect example. Kenny and I have a complete set of Waterford crystal from water glasses to liqueur glasses, and all the bar ware in-between.


I can’t think of a time when we would have splurged on such extravagance. There were always times when we were saving for a house, planning for a baby, saving for college. We use our crystal almost every day. Our wedding china, not so much. But it is wonderful to have, and makes “special occasions” special.


When Kenny and I got married, my parents gave us a wooden sculpture that my father had made – among other things, my dad is an artist. Sadly, I am not an artist, but continued the tradition my parents started. So now, we give our children something from our home for their wedding gift. We gave Maggie and Rob crystal candlesticks that one of my dear friends and bridesmaid gave us. KK and Tyler will also receive one of our wedding presents for THEIR wedding gift. I’m not telling yet what it is…but have something lovely in mind…


My thoughts on the “Alternative Wedding Registries”…such as a Registry for Honeymoons, or Home Down-payments?…I’m not a fan…but it’s not my decision to make. KK and Tyler…?? They will have a conventional wedding registry. I like how they are “getting the word out ” about their registry. It’s listed on their “the knot” website. If fact that website tells their wedding story. But THAT is a blog for another day…


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